Modification to Virtual Thermostat Application - Time Based Changes

Team - hope you’re well. I currently use the virtual thermostat application in conjunction with a smart sense multi sensor to turn on a window a/c based on temperature settings. This works great, as all I do now is change the desired temperature in the virtual thermostat application. my question/request is - is anyone working on an app where I can also set the virtual thermostat app based on time? What I do now is manually change the desired temperature - I’d like different desired temperatures automatically set based on either mode or time of day. Hope this make sense. Looking for guidance. Thanks!

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@joetosto, there’s a Green Thermostat app that allows you to change temperatures based on mode, which you should be able to modify to use time instead. I also have one that is in the process of being approved that builds on the Green Thermostat and Virtual Thermostat app to allow you to change temperatures based on mode and multiple temperature sensors. You can find it on GitHub: