Mode status placement

I can guess this has been mentioned a 1000 times but I will add my gripe. Mode being under settings is a PITA. Especially since a lot of this system is base on what Mode you are in. I was going through mine showing my wife and being actually pleased she was getting it and then she asked me “How do you tell what mode it is in?”. It hit me then I was doomed…

if you want WAF acceptange, just get her using @625alex and @tgauchat have done an excellent job of taming the WDF and promoting WAF.

just have the st app installed for presence if you use that. or alternatively use life360 for presence. and get her using smarttiles for everything else.


we will be using ST on an android in the home. we use presence too. still working it all out. even still two of my modes are Away and Away - Stay. does not work since all you see is Away. gonna have to change those.

I am with @Fuzzyligic here and get SmartTiles for sure. I basically don’t even load the app on her phone and simply pin the a specially formatted SmartTile home page just for her understanding and maximum WAF. I ended up mounting a tablet running her SmartTiles page on the wall for her.

If for some reason your wife prefers using the mobile app you also have an option to use a custom device
Mode Switch device/app by @gkl_sf I use both. I ended up renaming the Mode switch to .Mode Indicator then I put the period in front to cause it to always display first in the things list.

FYI: Not too long ago the mode use to display all the time on the Things page. When ST ended up removing it in favor of the thin pictureless header we now “enjoy” it was a major upset to the WAF. I don’t know who they were talking to about that change but it certainly wasn’t the wives. :wink:


Thanks. I actually like that Mode Switch app. I may install it. Honestly it is probably more for me than her. Since I am doing a lot of testing with various rules and modes I need to see status easier. She just brought up the question. Once we get it in use more she will probably want it. Right now I am just trying to get my Fire Panel to sound a warning that the alarm is armed so when you come in you know it is. Whole other issue I am working on.

thanks again!