Trying out the SmartTiles app?

I have been using the regular ST app for a few days. Then I read some people saying the SMartTiles is preferred. I do prefer the look of it for the most part but am confused about something.

Under Mode I have Away, Home, Night. Maybe I am not looking at this the right way but I set it to Away when I left home. Then I went into the ST app and in the Dashboard it was Disarmed. Why wouldn’t it also be set to Armed(Away)?

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Regarding your question… I’m not clear what you are describing.

You home or Location Mode is completely different than your Smart Home Monitor (SHM) Armed State (SHM mode, I guess).

use routines instead. that way when using smarttiles it will change location mode and shm mode

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tg - All these names are confusing. Sorry. On the SmartTiles app there is a MOde purple button. Clicking on it brings up the three choices I mentioned. I would have thought that’s the same options that the ST app calls Disarmed, Armed (Away) and Armed (Home). AHHHHHH.

rangel - In Routines I have Goodbye set to Armed (Away). I was trying to only use SmartTiles but when I set it to Away Mode in SmartTiles, it doesn’t arm itself.


If you are using Smart Home Monitor (SHM), be sure to go into the SmartThings App and select Automations, SmartApps, SmartTiles, select your Dashboard, “More Tiles”, and toggle on “Show Smart Home Monitor”. That will give you a special double-wide Tile with the three SHM modes icons on it (Stay, Stay (Armed), and Away.

ActionTiles V6 (coming soon…) will be easier to configure as it’s done via web instead of inside SmartApp preferences, but it has the same concept of three special tiles: SHM Tile, Mode Tile, and Routines Tile.

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Thanks tgauchat. That worked perfectly.

I almost hate to ask this next one but here goes.
I have three door sensors:
Front Door
Laundry Room Door
Back Door.

Keep in mind the front door and laundry door are the sensors that came with my ST kit. The back door is an iris door sensor I purchased separately.

In SmartTiles, What are the icons for the door sensors ( this would be the two that came with my ST kit) that have the three squiggly lines up under them? I already have the Door sensor icon with the arrows (meaning opened or closed) and the one with the battery life on them. But these only appear under the ones that came with my kit, not the iris sensor.

Lastly, is it possible to resize/change color/etc. any of the smarttile tiles?

I believe those indicate “vibration”. You can deselect this capability for individual Things in the SmartApp preferences pages.

Yes… though I wouldn’t get too attached to it. The ability will not be available in initial releases of ActionTiles. But if you want to explore… Loading...