MobilePresence Device Not Showing Up in API

I’m having a really odd experience with the API that I was hoping someone could assist with. I migrated to the new app recently and setup my phone as a new mobile presence sensor in the new app and removed my phone from the old app. Everything worked great and I see the device coming through in the API accordingly. However, when I did the same thing with my wife’s phone, her MobilePresence device shows up in the IDE and the new app (in automations, not the device list as, unfortunately, for some reason SmartThings decided to hide MobilePresence sensors from the new app…) but it isn’t coming through in the API. When pulling a list of devices from the API, everything is there except for her phone.

Any ideas?

Edit her phone in the IDE and see what’s listed in the Hub field. Empty? Try changing it to your hubs nane.

Thanks @johnconstantelo. I checked that and both of our phones were empty. Which is why it’s especially odd because mine still shows up in the API. I tried updating both to my hub but nothing changed in the API, unfortunately.