Mobile Presence Issues

Recently, both my phone as well we my partners phone have stopped reporting presence status. I’ve tried every conceivable method to try and fix this but nothing works. It will randomly work maybe 1 or 2 days out of the week.

Has anyone else been having any trouble with this? Any ideas on how to correct it?

Many people have reported issues with having the ST app reliably providing presence on their phones. One user recently reported that they had a better experience by running Life360 in addition to using ST presence (Life360 no longer integrates with ST however). Others have said that disabling location services in the ST app and re-enabling has solved their issues.

Other people have given up and gone to using other apps such as Alexa or IFTTT to provide presence/location info and having those apps update ST virtual presence sensors that are then used in ST routines.

As I mentioned in another topic, this is basically the state of presence at the moment:

  • ST app based presence on your phone works well for some, but not so good for others
  • Alexa or IFTTT app presence on your phone can be used to trigger virtual presence sensors in ST which can be used in ST Routines/Rules API
  • Using virtual presence sensors vs member location in Routines allows you to switch out the underlying presence detection mechanism without having to touch all your Routines

There is a whole discussion on presence in the topic below.

Or HomeKit and a Meross smartplug if you have an iPhone. :sunglasses:

How to Use a Meross or Matter Plug to Use HomeKit Presence to Trigger ST Routines

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