Mitsubishi HeatPump control via MQTT on cn105

Hi Guys, a while back I created a library for the ESP8266 chip to control mitsubishi heat pumps via serial connection its cn105 port.
The library is in C++ and in theory can be used by other micro controllers that have a serial port. I used it for the ESP8266 and used simple Arduino sketches to control the HeatPumps, using the library. A few others have helped discover new things along the way and we have created sketches from a simple sketch to a full blown MQTT sketch. WIth the MQTT sketch, you can use any automation software that supports MQTT, openHab for example or use the example we have for
We also recently cracked how to send remote temperature to the heatpumps, useful for attic mounted ducted units. It is in a test branch, but will soon move to the master.
In anycase, we can currently do more than the MEL Cloud, KUMO Cloud or MHK1 device and it does not depend on any cloud service, making it more secure.
Here is the Git Hub link, in case any of you are interested. It has a intial page, with schematic and part links for ordering.



I am interested recently in home automation.
I have been reading githup, and although I have in the past developed some arduino project.
I did not understand how to inject the code into the ESP8266, a small help would be welcome.
I want to control a Mitsubishi MSZ-SF35VE-E2 with MQTT and openhab2, it has a CM105 interface.
Is it possible ?

Thanks for your work

Sorry did not see your email earlier. If the HP has cn105, it will work. To upload code to esp8266, you need arduino ide and then add esp8266 board. Instructions are on github for esp8266 arduino, just google it. If you have questions related to the library, you can reach me in the gitter chat. A link is at the top of the readme of my library git repo.