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Minimote and ST questions

(Harlan Lau) #1

I am trying to use two Aeon Labs minimote v.1 (with latest v1-1.18 firmware} to control two GE z-wave light switches. I have been carefully following the v.2 minimote manual instructions and having several problems. I don’t know which are operator error and how to identify bad hardware.

  1. In Inclusion mode, I can only add one GE switch of the two I have. The second switch is not discovered by the minimote. I can then add this switch to scene 1 and turn the switch on and off.
    Question: Can a minimote control multiple devices?

  2. Only one of my minimotes seems to work. The second cannot include either of my GE wall switches. I have tried resetting the minimotes.

I was able to add both of my GE wall switches to my ST with no problem. So it seems strange that I cannot add them to my minimotes. Can a GE switch belong to both ST and minimote?

I removed both GE switches from my ST.

I was then able to add both GE switches to one of my minimotes and turn both of them on and off.

However, the second minimote could not include either GE switch.

So it appears that a GE switch can only belong to one z-wave network at a time? Is this correct?

So if I add GE switch to minimote I will only be able to control with minimote and not ST or another minimote.

So it appears that I must add GE switches to ST, add minimotes to ST and then program the minimotes from the ST? Is this the only way I can control GE switches from two minimotes and ST?


It is true that any Z wave device can only belong to one network at a time. So you need to have all of your devices added to your smartthings network, including the minimote, before you start assigning actions to the minimote. But once they’re all on the network that belongs to your SmartThings hub, they can be controlled in many different ways.

You can definitely have two different minimotes control the same lightswitch as long as all three devices belong to the same SmartThings network.

Using the Minimote in a multi protocol installation

It sounds like you’re trying to use the minimote as a zwave secondary controller, which is how you would probably use it with a zwave-only system like Vera or Fibaro. That’s what the manufacturer guide that comes with the Minimote is written for.

However, Smartthings is a multi protocol system and offers you a much more powerful way to use the minimote, which SmartThings calls a “button controller.”

4 buttons, 8 button states

The minimote has four buttons, each of which can be either “pushed” or “held”. (Short press and long press.) This gives you 8 button states.

Assigning actions to a button state through a smartapp

With SmartThings you can assign any of those eight button states to do many different things. You could have a group of lights which includes both some zigbee lights (like Hues) and some Z wave switches and handle them all as a single group from one button press.

You could also have a button press run a routine, or change the mode, or cause something to happen on your Sonos or your television. Or even all of these at once.

Smart Lighting

Most of the time you can do this through the SmartThings recommended smartapp called “smart lighting.” (Even though it’s called smart lighting, it can handle many different kinds of devices.)

You simply choose “button controller” as the trigger, tell it to use your minimote, then tell it which button to use.

Getting started

The minimote is an officially supported device, so you can just contact and they can help you set up what you want to do.

But once you have this concept that it’s a button controller, not a Z wave secondary controller, you may be able to do all of it yourself.

So when you initially pair the minimote to SmartThings it should pair as a button controller type. After that you just use the button controller options in smart lights and in routines. :sunglasses:

Here are a few links to support articles to help get you started.

Official support article on paring a minimote:

Official support article on using smart lights. Note that where it says “button pressed/held” is where you assign something to a minimote button state.

(Dale C) #3

You should get an award or something @JDRoberts for the way you respond to questions bro… thoroughly impressed with how you make it easy to follow and understand complete with screen captures and quotes or links to other threads. I have seen this over and over as I peruse the forums looking for answers. :+1:


I just received my second v1 Minimote. The first one I received button #1 did not work after pairing it with ST and using Button controller (i returned it). My second one that I just got this evening, only has button 3 working after pairing it with ST. I updated the firmware before doing anything on both to 1.19. I have tried different lights and still get the same problem. Can anyone provide some thoughts?


I’m sure that’s frustrating! It’s an officially supported device, so you can write and they should be able to help. Where did you buy it from?

also, just to be sure, it paired as a minimote, right? Not a panic button?

And if you don’t want to wait for support, you can check the logs to see what happens when you press the other buttons:


Thanks JD! I just sent them an email, but while I am waiting, I will also check the log.


Update! I reset the remote 3 times then I placed it right on top of the ST hub, and followed the same steps (I was 5 feet away before). This time all the buttons are working. Thanks again JD for the awesome response!

(Frank Engelman) #8

JD. Excellent tech support. You should be on SmartThings Staff…



Thanks for the shout. Unfortunately the last update to the SmartThings mobile app broke voice navigation (I’m quadriparetic) so I can no longer use it. So no more screenshots from me. But there are lots of other people to help, this community is excellent. :sunglasses: