Mimolite input capability?

See link for ST stating input capability is under development (scroll down to find mimolite, click info button). So what does this really mean for the mimolite?

Also, for what every reason Internet Explorer will not show the search feature next to my profile, yet on my Android phone I saw it exists at lunch.


@remote2054, not sure why it says that cause I have both of mine using the relay and contact sensor. How are you planning on using it?

I wish to monitor a relay contact on an alarm panel. Thus I need the mimolite to be an input. In fact, I need two mimolites as I have two inputs. Thanks.

Ok, cool. I believe the documentation on FortrezZ’s site says that that will work to trigger events. I’ve not used the MIMOLite in that kind of use case, but maybe others in the Community have.

As I mentioned above, I’m using mine as an input. Have you tried just changing the device type to “Z-Wave Motion Sensor”? That’s what mine is set to (no special device type, just the published version), and it works.

You can use this device type to get it to work as a contact sensor:

You could also use any number of the cheaper zwave door/window sensors that have terminals for contact switches. Ecolink Door/Window Sensor is one, but there are many others.

Door/window sensors tend to be much cheaper than the MIMOlite if you don’t need the MIMOlite’s output.

Have you found any that have terminals and are also wired for power? I put mine in a place that is not fun to get to and I really didn’t want to have to change batteries on it.

Not without hacking in a power supply. If I remember right, there’s extra space in the Linear sensors so soldering/wiring wouldn’t be too difficult.

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Ok, so I received by v2 and mimolite. Using the new android apps from ST, the mimolite only is seen as a z-wave switch. Through the app, I can open and close the relay on the mimolite, I’m unable to see the input capability of the mimolite. I tried to configure it as a motion sensor but its not allowed with the new v2 and new app. Any thoughts.

As I see it, you either wrote your own app or your using the old app/hub for the mimolite if you can access the input function.

I used the Mimolite on V1 for a similar but different purpose than those using it for a garage door opener. I’m using it on a motorhome entry door. I took a device type created by someone else and made small tweaks to fit my particular application. It is a momentary switch, which triggers a wireless fob type device, and a digital input that is connected to a switch mounted inside the door to indicate the door is locked or unlocked.

It worked fine with V1, albeit that occasionally it would hiccup and not operate or sometimes not show that it locked the door. It was about 90% reliable.

Since moving to V2, the switch works more reliably but the input does not work. I even moved the device back to the V1 hub temporarily to insure it was the hub and not the Mimolite or the switch mounted in the door that is tied to the input.

No luck finding a solution yet to get the input function working on the V2 hub.

You must change the device type of your MIMOlite to the device type linked above to expose the contact sensor input. You do this through the web-based IDE, not through the Android app.

I have a MiMoLite - same interest (I want to use it to monitor the 12V power trigger on an amplifier to know if it’s on or off).

I have never updated the device type through the web-based IDE before - is there a tutorial somewhere to help with this process?

Or are there plans for ST to properly support the input function soon? I can wait a couple weeks if they plan to do it…

@JDRoberts made a tutorial a while back. You can find it here:

I doubt there will be official support for the input contacts for a very long time. The MIMOLite has been around for years, and we haven’t gotten official support yet.

I believe the default configuration for the MIMOLite is to monitor for continuity, not voltage… but give it a try on your amplifier and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you’re going to need to mess with the configuration of the MIMOLite itself.

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has anyone had success on configuring the input yet on mimolite. I just purchased one to monitor water pressure with a 0-5 vdc sensor that will turn on a pump, but so far I can turn on the relay but see no possible inputs.

new to smartthings and how this works!

I don’t believe anyone has actually gotten it to work.

heard of anyone doing it with arduino?

I need to search the Community, but I thought someone did something with the MimoLite and a potentiometer to determine actual garage door position. At work right now, so I’ll follow up a little later.


Does this help you out?

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thanks for your response! mimolite looks to have the capability to do what I’m looking for smartthings is the hangup.

Do you just need to read the input for high and low? Or do you need to read discreet values?

I am using the mimolite for either high or low signal to determine if a skylight is open or closed, the skylight has a digital out and it is either high or low depending on whether the skylight is open or closed.

really only needs low when water pressure drops I want the really to close turning on a pump for an adjustable amount of time (10-25 minutes).