Microsoft Band 2 setup with smartthings on android


(Oscar Villegas Mier) #1

This is my first attempt to make an integration in order to control my switches with my Microsoft band 2 on android.

The main idea was to be able to control my lights and trigger routines without the need to run them directly from my cellphone, for example before sleeping while my cellphone is charging.

The setup i used is the following:

-Microsoft Band 2

-Band for tasker. -

With this setup i was able to add a tile to my Microsoft band 2. This tile can contain different sections with 2 buttons each one. (Title of each section and text of each button can be customized).

I added two sections, for my switches with on and off buttons.
And another two sections for routine trigering each section with 2 different routines that i use.

The procedure was the following.

First Setup:
-Install Tasker.
-Install Band for tasker.
-Install Sharptools.
-Open sharptools, link it to my smartthings account and select the switches to control.

Tasker Configuration:
-Run tasker
-On the profiles section click the “+” button.
-Plugin>Band For tasker
-Configuration (Pencil)
-Customize Buttons (Add the required sections and buttons), Accept
-Go back, and select the Section/button want to trigger the action, accept. (You need to have your microsoft band near and paired because in this moment the tile will be added or updated.

-Go back, on the new profile created, click on new task ("+") (name optoinal). Then “check”
-Add an action (again “+” )

-Select from:
–A thing to control Switches or actuators
–A phrase to trigger a routine
–A mode

-Configuration (pencil)
-Select the required actions for your thing or your phrase.
-Go back until the profiles screen.

P.D Thanks to the deveolpers of this tools.

(Dale C) #2

Cool! I’ll have to give this a shot with my Microsoft Band 2. Do you know if it also can work with the original Microsoft Band 1?

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #3

@OscarVM thanks for sharing! This seems like a great use case for Tasker + SharpTools!

I’m the SharpTools developer, so feel free to PM me or tag me (@joshua_lyon) if you have any questions!

(Oscar Villegas Mier) #4

Unfortunately i´m not sure if the “band for tasker” is compatible with the MS Band 1. Specifications doesn´t seem to explain if it will do and i don´t own one MS band 1 either to test. If you own one, it´d be awsome to have it tested and share about it.

Best Regards