Xiaomi mi band 2, control ST modes


Don’t know if it’s interesting or not for you guys, but i’ll post it for information that it’s possible. Hopefully someone would like to build on this :slight_smile:
I got a mi band 2 so i don’t know if this is possible for the first gen or not.

Xiaomi mi band:

What do you need to control your ST mode with a xiaomi mi band 2:

*Xiaomi mi band 2
*Notify and fitness for mi band

  1. Follow a gudie on how to install tasker and sharptools.
  2. Setup your sharptools (this tasker plugin is to control smartthings via tasker)
  3. Download app: “Notify and fitness for mi band”’
  4. In the app use this setting:
  5. In tasker add a event (this should be explained in the “notify and fitness” just hit the “?” next to the option for this.
  6. Add a Task in tasker for sharptools and choose what mode you want it to use (or if you want a specific trigger)

Note that one button action is 3-6 clicks on your mi band (it need to loop through your time, steps, HR etc. and get back to time to count as 1 button action

Your Xiaomi mi band should now work with the “mode” you set.

If you got any other ideas or what you will use it for, please post a response :slight_smile: