Micro Switch vs. In wall Dimmer?

I have two micro dimmers & microswitches. They are pretty, and they have been consistent, BUT they are designed without any thought to actual functionality.

First, the electrical connections are held in place with tiny – and I mean tiny – screws that simply do not have the ability to keep the wires in place. So installation takes forever because one wire or another ends up falling out when you attempt to push it into the back of the box. Its just a huge PitA. Second, if you need to add / exclude the z-wave, you have to take it out of the wall. Third, the micros take noticeably longer to react to any zwave command than other switches take to react.

why do you have to take it out of the wall? Can’t you get an Aeotec minimote up close to include/exclude in place?

Also…the gen 2 micros out later this year are supposed to improve on the dinky wire issue. We’ll see what actually arrives.

On the delay, try putting a repeater directly across from the switch on the opposite wall. That sometimes helps. Repeaters on the same wall of perpendicular often get blocked by the switch box.

I suppose I don’t have to take it out of the wall – just as much as I don’t have to have an umbrella when it rains because I could instead build an escalator inside of a glass bubble to take me where I need to go.

If the solution requires me to purchase two completely separate devices to accomplish what a normal , cheap switch already does, then that’s no solution at all.

On the Aeon’s:
10 toggles of the switch puts the device into pair/exclude mode, probably not so well documented on their end, bad aeotec…
The default ST device does the Aeon’s no justice whatsoever, I wrote a device specific one, instant reporting and response.
It’s not that big of a deal to install them, even with their midget terminals, I use pigtails.
I’ve installed 25 of these in my house, and if I had to do it over again, I would go the exact same route.
And finally, I and my wife love the Legrand adorne aesthetic, so there were few other options to make that happen without getting stupid expensive.

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Did you submit your device type to ST? :blush:

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Hi Guys,
I looking into a kind of z-wave device that can send z-wave signal when it detects power through the line. Can these micro switches be used ?

I mean, in scenario described above. If a person manually presses on the push button, does the ST receive a z-wave notification from that inwall-switch that status was changed ?

Sorry for basic question, it is just not cleary documented in what I have read so far