Mi Connector Vibration Sensors


I am currently using the MI Connector Docker, it works without any faults. The issue I am facing is Xiaomi vibration sensors are being added to Smartthings correctly but only register as a button. This causes an issues with Smartthings Home monitor smart app due to being seen as a button they are not being used as a sensor.

I have looked at the device handler and can see from a previous device handler I used to use they are configured very differently. I have tried to edit the handler myself but with no success, I am hoping some can help me with this as I have been trying to get this working for around 2 weeks now.

Any help is appreciated and I hope it will help others using the MI Connector smart app and Smartthings home monitor in the future.

If you need any further information from me I will try and reply asap



Xiaomi Vibration sensors can be paired to your SmartThings Hub directly and the DH for it has all kind of features. If you want something extra to be added to the Mi Connector DH then you need to reach out on its topic to the author.