Memorial Day Sales 2020

1st up…


Next, we have monoprice with only a few smart home items. Note: not everything works with ST

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APC Back-UPS 450 Standby UPS, Black (BN450M)

I have the feeling this will be a lame year with sales for Memorial Day. Even ST products are at full price at Amazon which I have not seen in a very long time.

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Arlo has a sale on some models, including the Pro 2 which has ST integration, but again, not a great sale, most are about 15% off.

I would check the same models at Costco, Best Buy and Home Depot before buying, you might find a better price.

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ZwaveProducts has a “summer sale” with a bunch of popular items at 10 to 25% off, including the fibaro multisensor, the ecolink firefighter, the Aeotec triangular window sensor, etc.

Not a big sale, but a lot of items that don’t usually go on sale, so worth checking out. And a few items at a deep discount.

I believe ZLink is their house brand now.


Best Buy Memorial Day Sale…

SmartHome is affiliated with Insteon (which doesn’t work with SmartThings), but also carries a bunch of other random items, even some SmartThings and Ring sensors.

They have about 100 items on a deep deep clearance right now, so I’m guessing excess inventory. Discounts of 75% and even more, but a rapidly changing selection as items sell out. I saw SmartThings leak sensors for $8 as one example, but those may be sold out by the time this posts. Also some Arlo Pro 2 accessories marked down a lot.

Anyway, worth a look. Just be aware that a lot of items won’t work with SmartThings, so read carefully and check model numbers. And if you see something you like, don’t take too long to decide, they obviously have limited inventory on these. :sunglasses:

These are brand new factory-sealed products with full manufacturer’s warranty. No code required.

Oh, and the search filters in the left column don’t work. :rage: They say there are only 3 Zwave devices, but at least when I was there there were over a dozen, including some from Leviton and Cooper that didn’t show up in the Z wave search.


Great find @JDRoberts

Some Ring and Arlo products on sale and/or clearance too.

Ring z-wave contact sensors work with ST?

A couple of community members have said that the Ring contact sensors worked fine with the generic DTH. I don’t know if anyone’s tried the motion sensor yet.

dont forget always sales on ebay, just have to know what a good price is.

Just be aware that many manufacturers, such as aeotec, will not honor warrantees for items bought from eBay as they are concerned about counterfeits or used items being sold as new.

There are also people who buy job lots of return merchandise from places like target or Home Depot and then sell those on eBay. They often have a much higher percentage of defective devices.

You can probably get your money back through eBay’s guarantee (just check the fine print) but it all feels like a lot of hassle to me. But different things work for different people. :sunglasses:

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Ive been purchasing a lot of used devices lately for 50% or less.

out of about 20 (or so) orders ive only had a couple of bad sensors. one seller sent me a replacement and another seller refunded my money.

There were a couple of mis-described items, for example a go-control contact described/pictured box as a MP contact. in those cases when confronted thru ebay (for ebay proof in correspondence evidence) they refunded cost right away.

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I have had the Ring Motion sensor working for over a year in my main bathroom, with no issues and still at 99% battery.
Still waiting and hoping the Ring keypad will be added to supported devices.

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All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Battery with Echo Dot (Charcoal) $85 @Amazon

Note: I can’t remember if this model connects to ST so please investigate before purchasing

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Unboxed Ilumin RGBW Smart Bulb (Z-Wave) @ inovelli $9.97


How are Ilumin bulbs? I don’t have any color bulbs at all still.

Tagging @Eric_Inovelli and @prjct92eh2


I’m obviously biased, but I think they’re pretty good lol.

Kidding aside, the reason why I like them is their colors are pretty rich. In addition, if you have a Z-Wave switch that supports scenes and Association Group 2 and 4, you can directly associate them to your smart switch and set a scene to change colors.

An example would be (and I can shoot a video for you if you’d like) what I have in our upstairs hallway in that the bulb is at the top of the stairs and I have it setup with one of our Red Series switches and two GE Aux switches and when I tap any of the switches, the light turns on to the last state. Then my daughters have their favorite colors hooked up to the Red Series switch and if one double taps it turns pink, triple taps = green, 4x taps = purple, 5x taps = cyan. Lastly, one of the buttons will put it back to warm white.

I know it’s overkill and if you just want one for a lamp or something, the color is good – but again, Iol biased :slight_smile:

I will say the downside is that they do run in the cloud, so there can be delays. But they are WWST Certified, so they should pair right up!


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