Media Renderer Player

So I have a Fabriq speaker from a year or so ago. I’m trying to set it all up again so I can have different automations trigger a custom TTS messsage. I did this before, in the old version of SmartThings app (classic). Example, when my hinge sensor was opened, it would let me know ‘Garage Door was opened’.

So I have the Media Renderer Connect setup in the apps section. I’ve installed the newest Player in the Device Handler section. My Fabiq speaker is setup in SmartThings and works.

When I go to the automations piece on the new ST app, I can get past the ‘IF’ portion and select the sensor and action. When I get to the ‘THEN’ section, select control devices, select my FABRIQ speaker and then go into the device’s options. In the old classic version, it wasn’t exactly this way, but when I went into the options of the speaker, I had some options to tell it to send a custom text message.
I could specify it and move on. For some reason now, when I go into the device options for the ‘THEN’, I only have Music player, Volume, Mute, Unmute, Media track control and then Delay this action. There is no option to specify the custom text message. No idea why.

If I go into IDE and do the Simulator for the DLNA player on the FABRIQ speaker, I can send messages to it via Speech Synthesis with no problem.s.

Hopefully someone can help me out here. I would like to get these custom messages back again on the FABRIQ speaker.

I even saw ‘Speaker Companion’ and it has the option to send custom message. But when I have to select the ‘On this Speaker’ option, it has nothing to choose from which is odd. So I can not get any further to even try that option. I rather just have the DLNA player piece back as I was familiar with it and worked great.