Max settable temperature is 50 degrees?

Hi all, I’m hoping you can help. I am wiring up some sonof temp sensor/switches to control my boiler in a complicated hot water system. I have the sensors fitted and connected and giving me the tank temperature however max temperature I can set in automations is 50 deg c, which is to low. Does anybody know if this can be increased or overridden?



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50 deg C is 122 deg F. Are you sure that is low?

Yep, that’s the max I can set for automation. The temperature the sensors is not cappedand reads correctly, and far above 50deg.

Forgot to add, I can set any temp in E-welink but it doesn’t have the logic I need to run the routine I want.


I’ve been able to replicate this, and indeed, there’s an inconsistency with temperature-related capabilities which I’ll document right away.

Also, just for reference, do you have a personal preference for temperature management?

Thanks for the response. If you mean, how high do I need to measure, then 85 deg C would do it. I’m trying to use the sensors as a hot water tank controller.