Matter - smart home connectivity standard (formerly Project CHIP)

Remember when we said the LQ THINQ app had been certified as a “matter controller”?

They lied. It’s just a matter commissioner, like all the other apps so far. You need to also have a Matter controller, in this case, an LG television that supports matter. Disappointing, but not surprising. :thinking:


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Not setting lock codes is a limitation of the Google Home app, NOT Matter. I have that exact same lock and can set guest codes with Smart Lock Guest access in SmartThings.

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This is a strange device, but will definitely fill a need.

Zemismart has released a version of Tuya’s M1 hub intended specifically to bridge Tuya zigbee and Thread devices to other platforms, including smartthings. List price is $99, but it looks like they’ve got a pre-order price of $49. (the English translation of the page has a number of issues that make things confusing.)


It is NOT a matter controller, so it won’t work if it’s the only hub you have.

It IS a Matter bridge.

You can ONLY add Tuya Zigbee devices to it, no third party Zigbee devices.

You will have to use the Tuya app to get the code you need to add to other platforms. (it’s not clear to me whether the smart life app would also work or not.)

ZemiSmart has launched a brand new smart home hub with a lot of functionality under the hood. The M1 is primarily a Zigbee hub that exposes Tuya Zigbee child devices to any Matter platform – Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings.
Although it will work with any {Matter certified} Thread-enabled device, the Zigbee hub portion will only work with ZemiSmart and Tuya Zigbee child devices.

The product page says it’s also HomeKit certified and displays the old HomeKit logo, but I’m not sure whether it really is. It might just be using matter to get to Apple home. :thinking:

Anyway… If you want to use Tuya devices locally with SmartThings without needing any custom code and without using the scenes method, this should do it, if it works as promised. As always, this does not mean that all features of all models will be brought through the integration.



If anyone has actually tried it, let us know. I am especially curious about the multi gang light switches.

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Very interesting. As I would have expected it doesn’t look like it will be a bridge for Tuya WiFi devices. Which are the devices we have the most trouble integrating with ST. But it is definitely a step in the right direction.

As JD asked, if you try this Matter Bridge please report back to community and let up know how it works.

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At present, the matter standard assumes that if you have a Wi-Fi device, it will be individually certified for matter, not bridged through a different device. I believe the issue is the multiple IP addresses, but we’ll see, I can think of quite a few Wi-Fi devices that are not technically capable of supporting matter, but that might be useful through a bridge.

Speaking of which, zemismart now has a few Wi-Fi devices which are individually certified for matter and they’re also on sale right now as of this posting.

This includes a relatively dim RGBW smart bulb, a couple of recessed lights, and a roller shade motor. Again, all of these are Wi-Fi, and will not require their new matter bridge.