Maker Project: DIY Switchbot (robot finger), Alexa-enabled, ESP8266 based

OK, this cracked me up, but it will be practical for some people with maker skills.

This guy had a situation where he had a 3-D printer that ran in the garage and he had to go out to the garage prep the device, go back into the house and do something on the computer, and then go back out to the garage again just to push the start button.

So he took a rubber cast of his own finger, attached it to a servo with an ESP8266 that has Wi-Fi connectivity and looks like a WeMo pocket socket to Alexa, and Walla! Alexa enabled button pusher. :sunglasses:

Check it out:

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Wow, that must of been a fun journey it seams like using the microbot push and IFTTT would be much faster… though less fun :slight_smile:

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Yeah I use push microbots in my own home, but they now require a paid annual subscription, and of course that’s cloud, so there are people looking for alternatives. :sunglasses:

LOL, that is awesome. What a great project.

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Makes me think of Homer’s work from home device from The Simpsons.

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