Make SmartThings routines available in IFTTT?

Seems pretty simple: make routines available as triggers and actions in IFTTT.

One way I’d like to use this is with Scout Alarm. When I set my alarm to Away, I’d like Smartthings to run the the “Good bye” routine to turn off my lights and lock things down. Or, when I run my “Goodnight” routine, I’d like to set my alarm to “Sleep.”

Similar things could be done with Nest.

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This can be done fairly easily

Step 1. install one or more virtual switches

Step 2. Install/Configure the Switch Activates Home Phrase App

Step 3. Update IFTTT to see the new switch and set up your IFTTT actions


Thanks for sharing, Kevin. That’s a pretty reasonable workaround, and should be pretty easy to implement.

However, Smartthings v2 is supposed to expand the audience beyond those who want to program. It’s not too much to say that anyone using IFTTT is already pretty advanced, and that’s probably true. Still, this seems like a simple addition to the IFTTT integration that would greatly expand Smartthing’s usefulness.


Yeah, not sure why they still haven’t. At the very least they should make it easy for an average user to add a virtual switch to use with the app without having to log into the ide

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Per the message above, here is a slightly modified version of my published app that correctly calls out routines instead of Phrases…


This is genius! My Amazon Echo was telling me that I can’t trigger a GoodNight! routine as I’m not allowed to control door locking functions in the UK. I’ve just created a Simulated Switch and now I can say “Alexa, night mode on” which turns on the switch and triggers the GoodNight! routine. The Good Morning! Routine also turns the switch back off again! Well happy! Thanks dude


Yeah this is definitely a needed feature! Add them to Google Home as well!

The same virtual switch method will work with google home for now. :sunglasses:

Thanks a lot! I just used this to allow my Google Home to control my Christmas lights! It will even reply “Bah Humbug” when I turn them off!

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I need a simulated switch to activate a routine with IFTTT (momentary isn’t available). But, I need it to reset itself after 30 seconds or so.

I’ve read a lot of threads on virtual devices and switches, but haven’t found anything that leads me to believe there is a simple solution to this.

Has nobody created a virtual switch device with a “reset after x seconds” parameter? If not, WHY not? :slight_smile:

(Apparently I have to wait 5 hours to post another topic ??? …so I’ll just piggy back here I guess).

Or… could someone show me how to modify Michael’s code a few posts up to automatically reset and turn the switch off after about 30 seconds.


Figured it out. I just turned the same switch off when the routine it calls is activated. Duh. :slight_smile:

Having an issue with this currently. I’ve got it set up and working with IFTT and Google Home so that when I tell google home its bed time, it dims the desired lights and turns off a specific light. I’m using Michael Strucks “Switch Activates Home Phrase” to do this and it works well.

Trying to set up another routine where I tell Google Home “lets watch something”. While the switch works from the SmartThings app to dim the desired lights, when I tell google home “lets watch something” it tells me I need to specify a device. I’m lost…i’ve deleted everything and set it up again multiple times, in different orders, etc, and cannot make it work. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.



Most likely you ran into a reserved word and it thinks you want to view something on a Chromecast.

Funny you mention that, I just changed the to “turn on the picture box” and it worked. That’s incredibly annoying (though I understand why it does this). I can’t find a good phrase. Thanks for the tip @JDRoberts

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Thanks @MichaelS – this is great. I’ve got the app installed and a virtual switch set up and accessible – what I’m not following is how you are calling to a google home routine here – I see line 47-48 seems to be a place where the trigger for the routine is entered, but how does this sucker actually get access to talk to google assistant?

You are responding to a thread which is four years old and a great deal has changed in that time.

More importantly, the “routine“ referred to in the code is not a Google assistant routine.

It’s referring to a type of ST automation which the 2013 version of the smartthings app called a “routine.“ So a smartthings routine, not a Google assistant routine.

The present day equivalent would be a smartthings Automation.

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe there’s any way to trigger a Google assistant routine from either IFTTT or smartthings at the present time. But if there is, it’s not this code.

Why don’t you start a new thread under automation ideas and ask if there’s a way to trigger Google assistant routines from smartthings? Maybe there is these days.

The only thing I can think of at the moment would be to trigger an Echo Dot to speak the phrase to run the Google Assistant routine that you want.

That would work, but it would be pretty hacky.

The reason it works is because Amazon offers the ability to have a virtual Sensor coming on trigger one of their routines, something that so far Google has not matched.