Make a scene to Art Mode using Smartthings and The Frame TV

Dear friends,

I got a The Frame TV, and also a Q80 TV.

The frame has the Art Mode, and the Q80 has the Ambient Mode.

I am doing some automations in my home, using smartthings scenes.

For the Q80 I have the option to create a scene where I turn on the TV directly at the ambient mode, like you can see in the screen shoots attached.

But for The Frame Tv I just have the option to turn on the TV, and it goes directly to some of my sources, I don’ t have the option to create a scene that turns on the TV directly at the Art Mode.

I am from Brazil that’s why the screenshoots are in portuguese, but I think that it’s easy to understand the difference between the options for the Q80 and for The Frame in the Smartthings app.

Please, any smartthing developer can solve this and add the option to create a scene to turn on the frame at the art mode?

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I agree, it’s weird that I can’t integrate the ‘Art mode’ in my scenes in Smartthings, while ‘ambient’ mode is available for other devices. Any plans on integrating this?

Second that. I took it for grantet that my new The Frame would have triggers for art mode. Please implement this feature

Very disappointing. I need to turn some lights on/off depending on art mode or regular TV. I assumed this was a feature detectable for my Frame. Please implement this feature.

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Agreed. I see this issue coming up on a number of different forums.
I just got the 32" and it doesn’t have the motion sensor. I’d like to be able to integrate with other home automation and turn the TV on in ART mode.

I have a little spot light over the TV. Great for Art Mode and terrible for watching TV. I really want to turn off the spot light when not in Art Mode, but I can’t see any way to detect art mode in the device status that comes back from the API at

It’s a bit frustrating because the Smartthings app on my phone knows when ArtMode is on, so it’s possible, but I don’t see how using the web API.

Very frustrating indeed.

I was about to order a Frame TV 32" that dousent have a motion sensor and figured i would just use Smartthings to turn on the TV in Art mode, is this still not possible? anyone tested recently?

I guess it’s really not possible to control/test art mode. That’s quite frustrating and I don’t think that Samsung will fix this for current models.

Maybe there’s some way to inspect how the mobile app controls it?

Bumping this thread as it’s actually insane that such a simple task is still not possible. I bought a $4k TV specifically for an Art mode, and I can’t even choose a setting that turns the TV on into said Art mode? Wtf?

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