Mailbox notifier - Vibration or Motion?

I’m thinking about setting up a notifier for when my mail arrives. Have you folks had better luck using a motion sensor in the mailbox or the multipurpose sensor set for vibration?

It’s a plastic mailbox, and range shouldn’t be an issue…

That’s what I use, and it works great. I’ve siliconed around joints where water could get in, and it’s survived for 3 years so far. It sits in direct sunlight 1/2 the day, as well as rain. There’s a picture of my setup somewhere in the community.

This one?



Go Pack!


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Good deal. No false alarms from wind, heavy rain, etc?

LMAO, love it! I need one of those.


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You’re an enabler… lol

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Wind, not really cause it’s a solid large cast aluminum box. Rain, at times when it was super heavy and with a hurricane…

I guess I’ll buy one and test it out. If it proves to be an annoyance I could always use the sensor for something else.

I’ve actually been meaning to get one for my garage heater to see when it’s actually running. (Crappy integration on the thermostat I bought).

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I use a simple Z-Wave plus contact sensor in my plastic mailbox. It’s been working flawlessly for over 2 years. Battery life runs about 6 months. The mailbox is well over 100 feet from the nearest repeater but it’s extremely reliable.



I tried motion and tilt sensors and had too many erroneous readings. My mail person opens and closes the door real FAST.

I used a contact sensor on the door. Works flawless and I can also have a message sent to me if the door has been left open.

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This system of mailboxes must be designed for neighborhoods where there is no crime. You couldn’t get away with that in London UK!

Same for me. Visonic Zigbee Contact Sensor. Battery last for about 8 months.

As many packages my mail carrier shoves in my box, the door sensor would get knocked off or broken in a week or two. :frowning:

Just Friday I had 3 amazon packages shoved in it.

I ordered the multipurpose sensor to try, if it doesn’t work I already have another project lined up for it. :slight_smile:

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I am there with you. That’s why I installed my contact sensor under the box and used a small magnet on the door instead of the one that came with sensor:


Well the vibration sensor was a no-go for me. It worked well for a day, the next day it was windy out and the sensor went off about 30 times.

I stared in my box for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out where or how to mount a door/window sensor to no avail. At least not with my particular plastic mailbox.

I’m thinking of either a motion sensor, or trying to hack a photocell to a door sensor using the photocell to close the contacts.

In the end I guess a mailbox indicator isn’t a requirement, just thought it would be a neat thing to add.

Yeah, I kind of figured you might run into that. My box is very heavy gauge aluminum. The vibration sensor also notified me of this: :slight_smile:

You should see the damage to the car!

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I’ve been using the Ikea Trafdri motion sensor for about a week now and it’s working perfectly. A plus is this device is IP44 rated, so it should live a little longer.

I’ve repurposed the multisensor to tell me when the heat in my detached garage is running.