Lutron Maestro Dimmer/Fan Control and a relay?

Hi guys, new to the forum. Normally just a lurker but need some help this time. I’ve got a Lutron Maestro Fan Control and LED Dimmer switch in one and would like to make it smart if possible. I’ve seen the Vision z wave relay out there but it doesn’t look like that supports fan motors? Is there something out there that I can use to make this switch smart?

If it’s the kind that uses a remote as well, you can use a Logitech Harmony as a “man in the middle.“ Otherwise, not.

See option five in the following FAQ. It says “Alexa” in the thread title, but it applies whether you are using a voice assistant or not

FAQ: 2019 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

The reason you can’t just use a relay is that all it can do is cut the power and restore it and the fan will not turn on just because the power is restored.

Makes sense. Would I potentially be able to use a relay for the led dimmer portion of the switch for on/off smart capability of the fan lights? I don’t plan on dimming the fan lights as I have can lights on a smart dimmer that are primary lighting. Only able to use a two gang box in this situation unfortunately.

It would probably be easier to just put smart bulbs in the fan kit and then you have total control of them without having to change any wiring or anything. :blush: you can add a separate battery powered switch if you want one.

The problem is that you can’t really do much with the wiring since you already have the maestro controller installed.

Might have to go the smart bulbs route. Hopefully Lutron comes out with a Caseta version of the led dimmer and fan control in one. Thanks for the help.