Lutron Connected Bulb Remote

Lutron Connected Bulb Remote: Secondary controller that does not report back the the SmartThings hub, but can toggle zigbee bulbs that are also controlled by SmartThings

That’s all that’s going to happen for now, smartthings to recognize it as a thing. That’s important, because it will then allow you to have the remote control individual bulbs which are also controlled by smartthings so you’re going to get to parallel means of control. However smartthings will not know what the lutron connected bulb remote did, so the status will be out of sync until the next time that smartthings happens to poll that bulb.

If you do not pair the Lutron connected bulb remote to smartthings, then it will have a different network ID than smart things does and it will probably steal your bulbs from smartthings altogether. That’s a worse result.

Pico Remote: does not work with SmartThings

The pico remote is not going to pair to smart things, and is not going to work with it. There are other remotes that you can use that are similar, in particular the Aeon Minimote, more about those at the end of this post.

Lutron Caseta Switches: cannot integrate directly with SmartThings. You can use the IFTTT integration, but it may have lag

Smartthings does not support the LUtron Caseta protocol. So there’s no way to pair these directly to SmartThings. They do both have an IFTTT channel, and that works pretty well, but you may have some leg.

There is another method if you have a Staples connect controller but that method does not work with wink as far as I know. And it’s still indirect anyway.

Remotes that do work with SmartThings

There is a topic that lists the remotes and buttons that work with SmartThings. Those can be set up to controls zigbee bulbs or Z wave switches change modes or run routines. You’re still stuck with indirect connections for the Caseta lights though.

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