Lutron Caseta Wireless Purchase Newbie Question

I’m interested in buying the below Lutron Caseta wireless items. I originally planned to buy some GE Z-wave switches to use in my home. But with recent ST support i was thinking some advantages of going with Lutron Caseta Wireless Switches as It can be used with Apple Home kit, smart things support, Alexa & Google Home.…-Kit/999959769

My questions:

  1. I’m currently using philips Hue & LIFX bulbs, Can i use both these bulbs using the above Lutron Caseta Wireless switch/bridge? I read somewhere that philips hue & certain other dimmable bulbs cannot be used/controlled with Lutron Caseta switch. Is this true ?
  2. Will the Lutron Caseta switches work the same way as the GE swtiches. Like if the light is turned off by using the switch, can we still turn it on using the ST app or Lutron app ?
  3. Any other advantages I loose by going to Lutron Caseta Wireless Switch instead of a GE Z-wave switches ? I dont have any smart switches at home. I only have ST &
    My Home has Smartthings hub integrated with HA items like Philips Hue bulbs, LIFX bulbs, Harmony Hub, Alexa, Google Home, Kwikset Z-wave locks, Iris Motion sensors, Iris power outlet, Nest Thermostat,Protects & Nest Cams and Ring Pro door bell.

Thanks in advance for your time.

  1. I wouldn’t use those bulbs with any smart switches. I believe it does damage to the radios inside the bulbs. Lutron or Z-wave.

  2. Should be no reason you can’t. Is that an issue with other switches? I used to have all GE z-wave switches and they worked fine by using the switch and the app. Please give me an example so I can answer better.

  3. The only disadvantages I can think of is that 1. The Caseta switches are flat and do not offer that “rocker paddle” feel. It doesn’t bother me but my fiancé finds it annoying at night. She always ends up hitting the wrong button on the switch. I fixed that with some motion sensors to activate the switches for her. The second disadvantage is that I’m not sure you can set them to take advantage of double-tap to run different automations (please someone correct me if I’m wrong). Actually thought of one more, no z-wave repeating as these use Clear Connect. I will tell you that these are my favorite HA product though. Premium company and bullet proof reliability. The integration with SmartThings has been quite solid. They are also compatible with other systems like, Control4 and Savant assuming you but the Smart bridge Pro. Oh, and customer service is second to none.

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Thanks @drake0508 for your reply. This was helpful.

For #2, I was mentioning that if the Lutron switch is Turned-off, can we still turn on the light connected to the switch via the mobile app remotely ?

I also read about the Homeseer software Plugin for Lutron. Has anyone been using this plugin over the Lutron? What’s the advantage of updating this plugin ?

Thanks in advance,

Yes, no problem. :sunglasses:

The homeseer plug-in is only available if you are using Homeseer as your primary home automation controller. So it doesn’t work in a SmartThings installation.

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Thanks JD. I got it now.

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