Lutron Caseta Fan Control Switch (March 2019) - now available

Any updates on the availability of the Lutron Fan Control Switches in SmartThings?

Here is the latest update I received from Lutron in early July:

I completely understand your frustration and I wish there was more I could do on our end to help expedite this. We’ve done everything we need to in order to have the fan controller work with SmartThings. At this point we’re waiting on Samsung to finish the update on the SmartThings side in order for them to work with us. As soon as they finish the required update, the fan controller will then be included with the rest of the Caseta system. I unfortunately do not have a timeline for when they plan on completing or releasing this update.

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One more update from Lutron - I asked how I would know when the integration with the fan controller would be completed, since there is no indication anywhere besides this forum that it does not work with SmartThings. This was their response:

Sorry for the delay, but there won’t be an announcement from us as the firmware on your bridge and the fan control are already compatible with SmartThings. The only thing that is preventing the fan control from working with SmartThings is their interface. Their bridge is not ready to work with the fan control, and as soon as they update their system to support the fan control you’ll be able to use it. There is nothing that needs to be done on our end to make our fan control work with their system.

I have returned all of my Lutron Fan Controllers, so I guess I’ll continue to watch the boards to determine when they are supported.

If you’re heavily invested in Lutron Caseta already, you might want to consider Hubitat due to its excellent native LAN integration with the SmartBridgePRO and RadioRA2 devices. Hubitat has had support for the Lutron Fan Controller for a few months now. You also get full Pico remote support within Hubitat. Options are a good thing!


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Lutron Caseta, yes. Lutron Maestro, no. But the maestro is a really complicated and expensive integration, you have to also have a Harmony hub, and if someone changes the switch at the wall smartthings won’t know about it.

It’s option 5 in the fan FAQ:

FAQ: 2020 Ceiling Fan and Dimmer light wall mount control compatible with SmartThings and Alexa?

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Sorry, I just this minute realized that this is supposed to be a thread about the Lutron switch. We should move the Leviton discussion to a different thread. My bad. :disappointed_relieved:

Nothing to loose sleep over, It happens to the best of us. The forum will live to see another day.

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Here is the update from the SmartThings team on support for the Lutron Caseta fan switch from early October.

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThing Support. I’d be happy to assist you with your questions on your Lutron Caséta Fan Controller as a SmartThings compatible device.

We are constantly adding new devices. At this time, we do not have estimated information when “Lutron Caséta Fan Switch/Controller” will be added to the SmartThings application. However, I will consider this as a feature request and send this to our developers so that they can consider adding it in the future.

Recently, Many new devices got integrated into SmartThings as a compatible device. When we send the requests to the development team as a feature request or feedback from customers, they review all the tickets and then consider it adding it in future updates.

However, I will send this again as a feature request so that they get know what customers are expecting in the near updates.

I don’t know timelines for new integrations of devices, but the bit of good news I can give you is that the majority of Lutron Fan Controller requests are on our radar and we on the support team are looking out for every request to make sure this feedback is heard.

It will definitely take time as integrating or adding a brand into SmartThings takes some time and we don’t have an estimated time when which device will be added.

At this moment we only support only these Lutron Caséta devices

You can keep an eye out on newly added devices by keeping your app up to date.

Also, I suggest you click here for more info on Compatible products with SmartThings

Feel free to reach back out with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for choosing Samsung.

Mohammed Saad
Samsung SmartThings Support

There’s reports cropping up of Caseta device totally disappearing from the new app when they are activated. So it seems like there is more work to go as a whole with the Caseta integration.

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Is any news out there regarding ST integration. I contacted Lutron Customer Services and they ask me for a file generated by the Lutron app, however I did this prior reading this thread. Is any good news?

I had prior the Lutron, a Chinise in wall/light controller but after a month or so started a humming to a point that was really annoying so I decided to go full Lutron. However I need them inside Smartthing to add them to some webCore pistons.

I have not heard anything since my last post. They still do not appear in “Works with SmartThings,” I returned most of my Lutron Fan Controllers, but I kept one that I didn’t want to automate roghts away so that I could continue to test… No Luck so far.

I guess I’ll return my 5 fan controllers since they are not supported. SUX

Yes, it is pretty sad that over a year later, there is still no native support for the Caseta Fan controllers from Samsung/Lutron.


Pretty bummed about this. I literally just installed all new Caseta Fan switches, on/off switches, Dimmers and Lico remotes across the whole house to find out my fans can’t be integrated into ST. Went from 100 to 0, real quick.

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The fan switches do work with HomeKit, so you can create some integrations via HomeBridge if that’s of any help.


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You could use a Hubitat Elevation Hub + Lutron Caseta SmartBridge PRO to bring the Fan Controllers (and possibly Pico remotes) into the SmartThings ecosystem. Both of these are natively supported in Hubitat, along with most of the Lutron product line. You could then use a Hubitat Community developed integration called HubConnect to link SmartThings and Hubitat together. Thus, you’d have the best of both worlds.


There’s Google Home integrations with Caseta and ST. Wonde if it will work if I make the connection through Google Home to ST instead of through ST to Google Home…

That won’t work. It’s one way, ST devices -> Google Home.

One could possibly use Google Assistant Relay to allow ST to issue commands to Google Home attached devices.

Similarly, one could use ST virtual contact sensors to trigger Alexa Routines to control Alexa attached devices.