Hue Iris Bulbs on clearance at HD

Home Depot near me has clearanced all the Iris Hue bulbs to 25 dollars. I almost picked a couple. Then I read it does not play well with the smartthings hub so put it back. Might be a good deal for folks that already have the hue bridge.

where is it, can you send the location so I can ask for a price match around here?

Just bought one for $50 on clearance at my HD; $25 is a great price. It plays great with my SmartThings setup; I’m using the Hue Lights and Groups and Scenes (Oh My!) SmartApp for the integration and didn’t test it with the stock integration.

Does this work without the Hue Bridge? Thanks!

I recently had exactly this same question.
The answer is… Yes, BUT…

I recommend going to the following post by @JDRoberts in the thread titled, of all things, “Hue bulb without Hue Bridge?”…