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Lol. I live in Kennebunkport now… work down at the Shipyard… I love it down here.

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Can I ask that the non deal discussion be taken elsewhere?

I get email notifications for when things get posted to the Deals forum and it’s just noise to me as I don’t need to know where people are living or how much candy used to cost.


Not to start any trouble but judging by your profile you have yet to contribute towards any deal and you just recieve notifications when there is a deal so you can get in on a deal but not hep others. Why not just periodically check back in instead of blasting everyone. Yes, I will just stick to related deals/questions but this is a forum… and people do talk on forums… at least the ones I have been a part of.


Anyone on here with the script that wants to look up an item for me? I wanted to see where I could find the cheapest one, hopefully I have friends around there. I can give you a $15 off $50 code if you help me out! PM me, thanks in advance!

Perhaps at the very least, all coupon requests can be done in a different thread. That seems to make up the majority of the noise.

Just created one:


Regular Price $33
Burbank, CA $8.25
Shipping: No

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Confused - Two stores in country have this listed below normal price
Burbank, CA 1 $8.25
Lake Park, FL 1 $19.80
Point? Besides at least half the time these are inventory errors. Stores never seem to bother correcting them.

If you want to get the script running play with it. Uninstall it - re-install it. It will work. Nothing is wrong with the original script. Maybe something you did corrupted it. I’ve had it working for maybe a year in Chrome. Six months ago when script disappeared I installed it in Firefox (just in case). By the way they both are running with tampermonkey. Once I know something is possible I can figure out most anything. If you really think the problem is with the script find someone with a running installation and export the script to use on yours. That will work too. Be careful with offering codes for payment (monetary or not). That can get get you banned.

I’m not really sure what you are talking about… my script works fine now. It was the computer I was on. I posted that because its a good deal if anyone is in the area. I’m not offering codes for money… I said a code if someone can figure out what I’m doing wrong.I found out it just wasn’t compatible with a computer I was using… I will only post mediocre deals if everyone prefers that…

I cant figure out what Im doing wrong. I have the script loaded and have tampermoneky. When I go to lowes website and search something, a red “1” shows up on the tampermonkey icon in the upper right of my computer, but no green check prices buttom shows up on the page.

You can click the icon with the 1 and run the script from there.

Make sure the script is on, tampermonkey is enabled and then if it doesn’t work it is most likely in your settings. Mine wouldnt work on a mac but worked fine on an old laptop first try.

You can get around this by going to the mobile version of the site. :wink: The option to slow down the search is available in the script settings.

still nothing…not on a mac or pc…here is what I am seeing

You’re on the mobile site, request the desktop version

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I think I got my IP banned from Lowe’s while running the script. I was running it for a couple hours, item after item then it stopped pulling results. I would go to a new item and it wouldnt work. Is this what it looks like when you get blocked? I found it interesting because I was only searching 1 item at a time with a speed of 7 queries/second… Anyone been blocked running the script that slow?

Lots of folks. I turned it down to 5/sec and haven’t been blocked since.

Wait about 15 mins and you should be unblocked. Or you could renew your WAN IP address from your ISP, since that’s all they’re blocking you with.

Yeah I did that… its funny at first I heard unlimited/sec then 10/sec then 7/sec now 5/sec… I wonder when they are going to get that down to 1/sec… hopefully not

There’s likely multiple triggers to initiate a ban. If you go too fast for a short time, that’s one way. Going slow enough to dodge that bullet, but doing it for a long time, is likely another. It’s possible that there’s a limit to the maximum requests over a rolling time period, so if you do too many in 8, 12, or 24 hours, regardless of how quickly, you could get the ban.

yeah that makes more sense, I looked up 25 items in a 2 hour span.