Low-cost siren and touch screen

There’s a whole bunch of info on the ActionTiles forum on live video.
I’m using a MotionEye setup for my IP cams at the moment and it works great.


it is a iCamera2. it work in smartthings. So how would I get it to work in actiontiles?

SmartThings doesn’t offer an API or stream access to connected cameras, so ActionTiles can only embed MJPEG feeds or JPEG snapshots from cameras or transcoders which supply them over local network URLs. This does happen to include the amazingly low priced yet versatile Wyze Cam! https://youtu.be/xA5U-wp4eKc

For more information, start by visiting the ActionTiles Support Forum, please…


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I got actiontiles work for now thanks for the help all on actiontiles!!!

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how would I install a FortrezZ Siren

Right now Lowe’s has the Utilitech Siren on clearance for 8.75. Check brickseek.com to see if it is discounted near you. Two of the stores around me have it in stock and for 8.75

That one is listed as not working with SmartThings. Does it?

Yep. :sunglasses:


( it’s actually a rebranded Everspring SE812 )

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You literally beat me by 50 seconds to the same link… :slight_smile: https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000215546-Utilitech-Wireless-Indoor-Siren

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Talking is faster than typing. :wink:

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( I think this was the first siren that ever had an official DTH – it was really popular back in 2015. )

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Somebody should tell Lowes that then. In their chart it’s listed as not. I should know better than to trust their listing.

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Yeah, their site listings are goofy. I think all the Iris zwave devices work, IIRC.

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Chiming in a little late here as it looks like you have what you need, but just in case you want to try one of the free options… I wrote one of them called HousePanel that has a different look and feel - but it does require some effort and is mainly designed for those who enjoy tinkering and customizing things. I actually use ActionTiles and HousePanel together with cross links to each other… (they both have this ability) … because sometimes I want the serious utility look and feel (AT) and other times I want the colorful playful look and feel (HP). If you try it you’ll know what I mean. HP does support MP4 video feeds, IP camera snapshots, and arbitrary web content in frame tiles.

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how to setup siren to go off win doors/windows is open?

You’d probably want to use Smart Home Monitor for that, you’ll need to set it to arm/disarm manually or by presence. Lots of threads on here relating to specific questions on that system.