Samotech zigbee door sensor uk

Just thought I’d share I purchased one of these samotech zigbee door sensors and it arrived today and works perfectly with smartthings, I bought it from amazon for £15 so a good cheap alternative to the smartthings official one and its running locally on the smartsense device type.


Thank you Adam, I was wondering about door sensors earlier on :slight_smile:

Mine dropped offline yesterday for some time when my door was left open for a good few hours but then seemed to come back online once I closed the door :thinking:
Also noticed its actually manufactured by tuya when I looked in the ide.


Any other issues? I’m thinking of replacing the last Xiaomi ones but if these also drop off I may just get some more ST ones

Changed the device type to smartsense multi sensor today and had no drop outs so far so could be just needed the right device handler or one making for it.

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Think I may buy one and give it a go, will let you know how I find it. Anything that runs local is a win for me

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There’s not really a lot of choice I do have a xiaomi aqara one aswell and that’s very good quality and small but doesn’t run locally and I know a lot of others have problems with them so I figured I’d just try one of these. Let us know how you get if you get one aswell.

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Just bought one to try out so fingers crossed.

The Xiaomi ones all drop off almost on clockwork every 3 or 4 months which was really annoying. I have now slowly gotten rid of them or connected them back onto the proper Aqara V3 hub with no issues. They would be perfect sensors if they remained connected!

I bought my xiaomi aqara door sensor and a motion sensor in February so I still have time but hopefully they won’t drop off for me. I’ve also looked at the neo coolcam door sensor can be gotten from ebay for £16 could be worth considering.

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Got the Motion Sensor today and it seems to perform perfectly fine. I got it because it runs local, Smartsense Motion Sensor dth, and because it runs off 3 triple A batteries so will be easy to convert to USB power without having to worry about buck converters. Just in time, as my third Fibaro motion sensor, that began in the last 6 months to occasionally gets stuck on motion, is going to get hurled into the trash can tomorrow thanks to ST’s Z-Wave firmware “improvements”. Support told me to read a thread about firmware 30.3!


I’ve been looking at those motion sensors aswell but managed to get the smartthings one for the same price on a deal a couple of weeks ago on amazon so got that and impressed with it so far. I’ve been reading a lot about the problems with z wave at the moment hopefully something gets sort as I have a house full of fibaro dimmer 2.

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Me too, touch wood the Dimmer 2’s are ok, but the Fibaro Motion Sensors, and Fibaro Plug Sockets both getting stuck in the “on” position, after years being fine, I think Z-Wave and SmartThings isn’t a good mix anymore. Zigbee just works.

I only started my smartthings adventures at Christmas so I’m still a noob :rofl: but your right I’ve had a easier time with zigbee than z wave.
Do the think part of the z wave problem is that there’s no way to update the devices?

Exactly, that’s a major issue, not being able to update firmware on Z-Wave devices themselves, I also think Samsung/SmartThings not being able to leave the Z-Wave radio firmware in the hub alone, at the least the legacy part, understand adding support for S2, but they keep messing up older Z-Wave device support, so people with old Z-Wave kit, just have to throw stuff away. More people I see are moving to Zigbee because of these problems, as a protocol, it seems far simpler and more reliable.

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It appears I spoke to soon I noticed my samotech door sensor is offline again but as before all I have to do is open the door or close it for it to reconnect, so it seems after a certain amount of hours of inactivity it drops offline :confused:

I’ve noticed there seems to be a trend in people moving to zigbee also zigbee devices seem to be cheaper but for my lights in the UK there’s no alternative option for the fibaro dimmers, for my use case I need a module that works with and without a neutral wire aslo has the option to use toggle switch. The only other module I’ve found that fits them requirements is the shelly dimmer but I don’t really want to go down the WiFi light switches route.

Blue Blistering Barnacles! Just checked the motion sensor data over night in the IDE, says it went offline twice! I think you owe me 18 dollars Blondie! :rofl: Dimmer 2’s have been rock solid, if ST mess with those there’ll be BIG trouble! Wouldn’t touch Shelley with a barge pole either. If you want the best Zigbee repeater, works with Aqara devices too, 4 environment sensors in 1, plus you can add your own sensors on top, motion, contact, water, etc you need these in your network…

Edit, the device still works, when there’s motion, it comes online again. Now it depends all on my OCD.

I know I do feel bad now :eyes:.
Do you think this could be sorted with a custom device handler only problem then is it wouldn’t be run locally.

I have one of these cheap Chinese switches from ebay which all my xiaomi devices go through and they’ve never dropped offline yet and this door sensor goes through the same route right next to my xiaomi motion sensor so I don’t think it’s a mesh problem :thinking:

Could be, if you find one that behaves better let me know, but it would just be a cosmetic change, I don’t think the device is actually going offline itself, as it still works fine.

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I used to have 3 of these until they would just fail, upgraded to the Sonoff Zigbee versions and had no problems. Also Sonoff have a button to control the switch which if memory recalls the Chinese ones don’t.