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Lorex Flir Cloud Camera Integration


I’ve been searching and searching and can’t find any instructional on how to add my Lorex surveillance cameras to Smartthings.

I am hoping to integrate them into ActionTiles.

Does anyone have any links or info?

I found some links asking about it, but can’t find step by step on how to do it. I’m not a programmer so I’m looking for some guidance.



Does anyone know how to find out what the url for the Android Flir Cloud app is?

I want to use a shortcut tile in ActionTiles to jump to my security cameras.

Maybe Terry knows? You there?

(Mark) #3

The simplest way to integrate a camera with actiontiles is to use an mjpeg stream.

But that doesn’t sound like what you’re looking to do.


I created a “Menu” as my panel 1 in ActionTiles as a portal to jump to dedicated panels such as thermostats, lighting, door/window sensors, reef aquarium (Apex Fusion), etc.

The shortcut tile works great when using with a url and selecting “open shortcut in a dialogue within the panel”. This allows me to use Fully Kiosk seamlessly without the tile jumping me to a new window entirely and not being able to navigate back to the “menu” page of my ActionTiles. All I have to do is tap the “x” to close out the dialogue box and I’m right back where I was on my panel.

I want to accomplish the same thing with the Flir Cloud App. I just don’t see the point of trying to integrate 8 cameras into tiles when I could just jump to that interface using a shortcut tile.

I know some like to cram everything onto one panel but I just have too much going on in my house to do that. As of now, I have 5 panels including the “menu”.

(Scott) #5

Did you ever find a solution to your Lorex Camera Problem?


Nope, let me know if you find a solution.