Looking to Connect IR Beam Sensor to Flood Lights

I’m looking for a IR beam sensor solution where I can plug/connect my driveway flood lights into the sensor so they turn on when I go down the long driveway.

Flood lights currently have motion detection that are being tripped all the time with wind blown leaves.

Dakota makes popular driveway sensors. See the following thread for an example of how to integrate it with smartthings (this is a clickable link)

doesn’t sound like Smartthings

you probably have a sensitivity adjustment at your existing sensor.

And you may also add masking tape to limit the area of detection. That’s all the Dakotas seemed to do, the ones that I saw - also not made to plug in something else.

I recommend the Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm. You can connect it to SmartThings using a device like the Linear Contact Sensor, Ecolink Contact Sensor or Aeotec Dry Contact Sensor.

I installed mine in October of 2016 and I’ve only had a few false alarms, but I’ve never had false alarms caused by wind, rain, or snow. I live in New England so I figured it would stop working in negative temperatures, but it’s made it through 2 winters on the original batteries. There’s also a more expensive model that has a 1/4 mile range.

My only complaint about the device is that you can attach multiple motion sensors to the receiver, but it only has one “port” so there’s no way for SmartThings to know which sensor detected motion.

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How did you use the contact sensor to connected that to smartthings?

I attached wires from the terminals on the receiver to the terminals inside the Linear Contact Sensor.

Perfect, thanks!