Driveway alarm?



I am looking for a Driveway alarm, I would like notification when someone pulls into my driveway basically, using ST. I have about 100 feet to the end of the driveway from the house and my smart things controller. I have seen the Dakota 2500 with a door sensor setup, but was wondering if there are others out there as well that work with ST.

Thank you!

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(John) #2

I’m also interested. I used to have the dakota at my last place and might do the same if i dont find a solution.

(David) #3

I take it that the Dakota 2500 is a beam that you set up at the end of your drive and if someone/something crosses it it will notify you. Does it work with ST?

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(Michael) #4

Not sure if you searched the forum before posting, but there are several threads in this topic. This one mentions another:

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I did see that post, seemed to be a discussion but I don’t recall seeing details on setup. I will revisit.
Link to Dakota setup, David

(Sarah) #6

Thanks for the video link! Just what I needed.

(Brian) #7

Dakota + Konnected = the bomb.

(John Botts) #8

Did you connect the Dakota motion alert kit to one of the Konnected inputs? What sensor type did you set it up as, motion sensor?

(Brian) #9

Yes to input, and yes motion.

(John Botts) #10

Great, I will have to look into that
And thank you for your prompt reply!

(Pete L) #11

Purchased, and awaiting arrival!!