Looking for Tower Fan that works with SmartThings. Any suggestions?

  1. The easy way: IR

Choose a fan that has an IR remote and you can control that with Switchbot or Broadlink and integrate it to SmartThings that way.

FAQ: How to Use SmartThings with an IOT Device that has an IR Remote

  1. The Maker Way

Wire a relay in past the point of the button. This will, however, violate the fans warranty and you have to know exactly what you’re doing to maintain fire safety standards. So I don’t recommend this in general, but there are some community members have done it. :wink:

3)a) Automatic button pusher, DIY

You can build an automatic button pusher with an actuator. These are actually pretty easy, and you don’t have any fire safety or warranty issues because the pressure is just pushing the existing button. The problem is that most of them are big and ugly. But it can be done.

3)b) automatic button pusher, 21st century style

Switchbot makes one which has a SmartThings integration:

2020 Switchbot Review ( robot button pusher), integration through IFTTT or new V3 app

  1. The Alexa Way

If the fan has its own Alexa integration, you should be able to use an Alexa routine (not a smartthings routine) and get integration that way. Unfortunately, when smartthings released its new integration in 2020, they broke this method. Engineering is aware of the problem and is working on it, but as of this writing, 9 September 2020, there is no fix yet. Once it is fixed, this should be another alternative.

See post #20 below for some specific fan models which work with these various methods.