Looking for Tower Fan that works with SmartThings. Any suggestions?

(Jason) #1

I would like to find a tower fan that works directly with SmartThings, but I don’t think there is one out there. I would use a regular one, but when the power is turned off and back on the fan will not restart unless you push the button on the unit.

I really hope I’m making sense!


you can use something like this and a smart plug

  1. The easy way: IR

Choose a fan that has an IR remote and you can control that with Logitech Harmony integrate it to SmartThings that way.

  1. The Maker Way

Wire a relay in past the point of the button. This will, however, violate the fans warranty and you have to know exactly what you’re doing to maintain fire safety standards. So I don’t recommend this in general, but there are some community members have done it. :wink:

3)a) Automatic button pusher, DIY

You can build an automatic button pusher with an actuator. These are actually pretty easy, and you don’t have any fire safety or warranty issues because the pressure is just pushing the existing button. The problem is that most of them are big and ugly. But it can be done.

3)b) automatic button pusher, 21st century style

There are several companies working on making small, aesthetically acceptable, networked button pushers.

None have come to market yet. The one that looks most likely to succeed based on engineering talent and backers is from a Korean company called Prota. They are calling their devices microbots, and the button pusher is just called Push.

They’re still in development so you can’t quite tell what the features will be yet, but they have been selected by Amazon for their “exclusive” program and right now are scheduled to start selling in August. (Again, I don’t know if they’ll make that date.)

I’m not doing a pre-order on these, but as soon as they’re available from Amazon I do intend to try them.

That’s important to note that the Prota are Bluetooth devices. They will not work directly with smartthings to begin with. And we’ll have to wait until they’re actually released to see what, if any, kind of integration is possible. They’ve promised IFT TT integration, but will have to see if that actually appears. If it does, that will give you smartthings integration.

But in any case I do expect to see several more devices of this type available for around $40 or less over the next 15 months.

So if you can be patient, it’s quite possible that you’ll have a device of this type that you can make work with most fans in the next year or so. :sunglasses:

(Kevin) #4

Or we are all over thinking it… What i did with my vornado fan…make sure the fan has physical switches not electronic switches. So I have my vornado set to low, and a smart outlet to turn it off or on. Done.

But pretty much any fan with a remote will not work for this.


Yep. Any device which can be turned on, unplugged, plugged back in, and will still be running in “on” status can just be plugged into a smart pocket socket.

But these days many devices will be in “off” status after they are plugged back in, even if they have physical buttons. It’s a safety feature. Sometimes you just have to try the model and see what happens when you pull the plug and then plug it back in.

What model is your Vornado?

(Jason) #6

It took me a while to figure out why you recommended this fan! I had to read the other comments before I realized it had a true switch! I think I might try this one out. Thanks!

(Jason) #7

Wow! Thank you for all the info! Pretty cool Indigogo, but I think you’re right. There will be many of these type of devices in the near future.

(Jason) #8

I was at a BB & Beyond last weekend and I was actually doing that with the plugs. I was unplugging them and plugging them back in to test them. Unfortunately, none of them worked. I did however get a lot of weird stares…LOL!

(Kevin) #9

Its not a tower fan but a typical Vornado

Its actually pretty large but its quieter than this stupid Dyson fan I got. Dont buy the Dyson fans they suck lol.

But most fans that say they have mechanical switches will come back on when plugged in. Ive not found any fan with mechanical switches that dont… all the fans with remotes do as they default to fan off.

( I hate Mondays) #10

Well, you were acting all weird so…