Looking for robot mop and sanitizer

I’m opening a kitchen business which has a relatively small footprint and plan on using the bulk of my extra smartthings compatible devices for automation and security there.

I see the older model roomba’s have been mentioned with device types and integrations. With the kitchen being hard floors it would be nice to find something relatively decent at mopping and uv sanatize is a plus.

Any recommendations that are smartthings compatible?

The Irobot Scooba works well. U can use bleach or floor cleaner so it will sanitize. No smart things integrations that I know of.

There are two robotic vacuums for this. Braava 380t and Scooba 450. Both devices work wonderfully and can get the job done. If we compare these two in order to find the most reliable/functional one, in the battle of Scooba vs Braava, Scooba 450 is a more advanced model with better features, capabilities and AI.

Please read posts carefully. The OP requested

Any recommendations that are smartthings compatible?

Which makes sense, since this is a SmartThings forum. :wink:

Unfortunately, neither of the two models that you list in your blog article are compatible with SmartThings at the present time.

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