Looking for Recommended Switches for U.K. under £20 instead of Hue Dimmer

Different things work for different people, and sometimes in different parts of the house. :sunglasses:

Smart bulbs are popular for people who like the colour changing options, If you want to create lighting zones in an area with only one switch, or if you are renting and are not allowed to do any rewiring.

Otherwise, it is generally less expensive to use a smart switch with dumb bulbs.

In the UK, there are not very many “all in one” smart switch options as those generally require a neutral wire, and many homes do not have those at the switchbox.

The alternative, which I think is probably the most popular for UK lighting, is to use an in wall micro which goes behind the physical switch. There are several models of these which do not require neutral wires. These again would be used with dumb bulbs, not smart bulbs. But you can get either dinner or on/off versions.

The following FAQ discusses all of these options for the UK. (This is a clickable link)