Looking for Outdoor Night Motion Sensor and lighting?

Can you hack a dusk to dawn motion sensor so it sends an open/close signal to a contact sensor and bypass the sensor to light?

In other words, decouple the sensor from the light bypassing the wiring by not having the motion as the trigger for the light, keep the sensor in test mode, and use a smart switch and a rule to control the light including the motion/contact sensor combo…

Just watch this video Phil. Outstanding system to integrate with SmartThings! Since I picked up the SmartThings motion sensor already, I’m going to give it a try and see if it does the trick first. This would be the easiest, cheapest, most reliable ( if it doesn’t give me false alarms ) and I’m assuming fastest response for detection. I also don’t know if the Dakota Alert System can be set up like the STs motion for away mode? I would guess yes, is that correct?

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Did you get the wiring diagram on how to do it?

With one door contact it is totally integrated into st. I have 4 dekota motion sensors and one Dekota contact sensor on my mailbox all integrated into ST

Never mind… figured it out. Works as stated by 007 systems.

Do you have a wiring diagram or one you drew up by any chance? Cheers.

I got a Vision z-wave double relay. Then purchased a standard motion detector unit that would normally be used on an outdoor flood light. Got everything wired and paired, no problem. However the motion unit doesn’t seem to want to turn on the relay unit. I can jumper it on and it works fine. So I know the Vision is ok. I don’t have any lights hooked up to the Vision, just using it to detect the motion sensor.

I was wondering, if anyone knows it those motion sensors need some minimum load to turn on? I’m thinking maybe the Vision relay is not enuf load to make it work.

Which motion flood light do you have? Possible you have solid state circuit with LED lights? Then that could be an issue but if you have the old style with a relay in the circuit then maybe wiring issue.

I’m not controlling any lights. I hooked the unit to a Vision relay so i can read the motion into ST. As it turns out the motion unit works fine after dark. According to the specs if you set the LUX setting to max it is supposed to work day or night. But apparently it doesn’t. This is not a ST thing as the motion sensor is just a dumb unit. So the load is not the issue. I will have to contact the manufacturer to see why it doesn’t work in the daytime as stated.

I just asked on here in case someone might have run across the same issue. So thanks for the thoughts.

I have looked at the Dakota system before and the thing I liked about it was the ability to add a zwave contact sensor to it. This allows the Dakota to be integrated into the ST system.

Try putting the flood light in test mode or tape the lux sensor with black electrical tape.

I have a wiring question. I only have hot, neutral and ground coming from the switch. To connect this on the light end, do I need to draw another wire from the switch to connect to aux ?

On the Z-Wave switch
Neutral to neutral
Line to line
Wall switch to light load.

This will turn on the Z-Wave switch when the light is On.

This particular unit doesn’t have a test switch. And not sure where the lux sensor is to tape over it.

I have contacted tech support for the motion sensor and they are trying to test one now to see what the problem is.

I only paid $10 for the thing, so it’s not the end of the world if I can’t get it working.