Looking for Developer (Paid) Whistle 3 Pet Presence

Looking for a developer to build a presence device type to pull pet presence status from Whistle. There is already a working Home Assistant integration using python here (https://github.com/Fusion/pywhistle/blob/master/pywhistle/client.py), so I imagine that for someone who knows groovy and python this should be a light lift. That integration also pulls a bunch of pet fitness information, which I don’t care about, which should make the development even easier. All I want is to be able to pull the location of the pet (either ‘outside’ or in one of the ‘safe zones’ as Whistle calls them) so I can mark the pet present or away.


I’m not sure if this device can be accurate enough, @JDRoberts explains it better here.

The device is accurate enough based on the native push notifications I get. I’m just looking for someone to leverage the Whistle API and do a cloud to cloud integration with at ST device handler. Unfortunately IFTT is no longer an option and WiFi device based presence won’t work because the device sleeps like crazy to save battery. There is already successful work done in python to leverage the API and parse the data for Home Assistant, I just don’t have the groovy skills to take that any rewrite as a ST device handler.

You can drop a note to support@rboyapps.com with the details and we can look into it.

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Ended up writing a DTH myself. For anyone interested, check it out here:


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