Looking for a switch with scene buttons

There are a couple of choices depending on whether you want mains powered or battery powered.

There’s a nice inexpensive eight button battery powered device from Remotec which is about the same size as a single light switch. Each button can be tapped, double tap, or held so you get 24 options. Available in both the US and the UK.

There used to be a seven button mains powered Device very similar to the Insteon one which was very popular in the community, but it looks like it’s been discontinued. We can hope that means they’re going to come out with a Z wave plus version, but no official word yet. Anyway, if you see references in the forums to the SC7, that’s the one that’s not available right now.

There’s a four button mains – powered device from Leviton which is a good alternative if 4 buttons is enough.

All of these and more are listed in the buttons FAQ: