Looking for a DTH for Zigbee based mains-powered input-interface (scene controller)

Hello everyone,

Looking for a device handler for a mains-powered input interface the likes of GEWISS GWA1502 (Interface - GWA1502 | Gewiss) or the Nexentro “Pushbutton Interface 2-gang 230 V” (https://www.insta.de/files/Insta/media/product_docs/datenblaetter/DB_57004000_EN.pdf)

Both products are btw dual-gang Zigbee 3.0.

Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks!

The Gewiss is a very interesting device. You saw that it’s battery powered, right?

The Gewiss is a dry contact device for 240v. Intended to retrofit an existing dumb device. Note also that since it is battery powered, it will not act as a zigbee repeater.


Having two endpoints complicates things. We’ve seen some similar devices for lower voltage that were zwave, but I don’t remember seeing a Zigbee one. @johnconstantelo might know.

The Nexentro is actually a different device class, that’s a pretty standard two endpoint relay that gets wired into the mains. It will act as a repeater. It’s supposed to support dimming functionality, but to be honest I don’t think you’re going to get that with smartthings. You should get on/off and you might get the ability to trigger scenes it depends on the wiring and the exact Zigbee clusters it’s using. But it’s going to be quite similar to most two endpoint in wall modules, so I feel a little more confident about the likelihood of getting this to work with smartthings.

The Sonoff zbmini is a similar device, and the DTH for that might work with the Nexentro.

Hopefully someone who knows more about the specific models will respond.

Thank you DJRoberts for your reply!

The gwa1502 is the mains powered version of GEWISS scene-control device. The battery operated version is their gwa1501. BTW, the unique feature of the 1502 is that it can also serve as a Coordinator for other GEWISS Zigbee devices in the same project… A dedicated hub is not a must…

The intended purpose for me would be mains-powered scene control. I believe that the standard Zigbee Switch DTH would not allow for the setup of several different physical switch operation modes such as Hold/Short press/Double short press, etc. Am I maybe missing something?

Thanks again.

You’re right, the standard DTH won’t do what you want. It’s basically on/off control.

As for dual channel, ST’s DTH called “ZigBee Multi Switch Power” or “ZigBee Multi Switch” could actually work IF the device’s fingerprint was included with their stock handler.

Unfortunately those DTH’s are limited to certain devices/models, but it’s easy enough to create your own DTH and modify it for your device’s fingerprint. I did exactly that for the Aqara Double Rocker w/neutral switch.

Again unfortunately, Groovy is going away and creating custom DTH’s should be done as an Edge driver.

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Thank you John for the clarification!

At this point, it seems like I would need the services of an Edge driver developer. Any help with finding such a service would be highly appreciated!

Thank you.