Long Range Gate and/or Doorbell Solution: ideas needed to replace Dakota Alert 2500

Hey @kaizokudave - in case you haven’t seen it, they released the Re-4k model which is the same 4000 series but with built in dry contacts + a 12v relay. Just an FYI: I had the 2500 series as well and am 500’ off the road with clear pasture in front of me. The signal BARELY reached inside our house (we have a metal “barndominium” which is probably a big reason why - signals don’t like pentrating through the metal). We had to sit the receiver inside the window sill to barely get a signal. When we upgraded to the 4000 series, we can put the receiver anywhere in the house and it easily gets the signal. Definitely a excellent upgrade!!!

To make things even better for you… :wink: I just did a write up of exactly how to connect Driveway Monitors (specifically the Dakota Alert Re-4k) to a smart dry contact sensor (specifically the Aeotec Door / Windows Switch 7 Gen 5). It may not help the OP since it’s over a year later, but I hope it helps anyone else doing searches looking for this info!