Connecting SmartThings to Dakota Alert DriveWay Monitor

I have a long drive way (about a half mile long) and have used a MURS based driveway monitor ( for years to trigger a base station so we know when someone is coming down the driveway (which has worked great). The base station has two spring loaded jacks that look like they are speaker wire for a Normally open relay.
The manual says the relay has a capacity of 5A @ 28V DC that will make closure for several seconds when an alert signal is received ( and can be used “to connect the base station to other existing systems such as alarm panels or doorbells”.

I am new to SmartThings and have been searching for a ZWave device that I can hook up to those two jacks so I can get a notification from SmartThings when someone comes down the driveway. Looking at the forums I have seen some devices designed for 120 V wall outlets but I was curious if there is a device that is either battery powered or has an external power supply that would work to connect to that base station. Ideally the Zwave device would have screws that I can hook up the wires between the base station and the device without needing to solder? I am also new to device handlers so if the device needs a custom device handler pointing me in the right direction for a device handler would be appreciated.

I apologize if the answer to this is already somewhere in the forum but after quite a few hours of digging I am stuck. Thank you for the help.

There is an FAQ for that. :sunglasses: In particular, see post nine. (the topic title is a clickable link)

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just use a z-wave magnetic contact, bypss the reed switch and put it into your relay. only issue would be if its normally open or nommaly closed. might need to creat (tweek) a contact DH to revers the messages

I just did a write up of exactly how to connect Driveway Monitors (specifically Dakota Alert) to a smart dry contact sensor (specifically the Aeotec Door / Windows Switch 7 Gen 5). It may not help the OP since it’s over a year later, but I hope it helps anyone else doing searches looking for this info!

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