Logitech Home Hub and Google Home

Hi folks, I’ve been having all kinds of fun setting up devices and getting interactions working.

Last night I finally got my NVidia Shield TV device working well with the Harmony Hub, and the Hub works well with smart things, and Google Home (Hey Google, turn on TV mode). Now I’m looking to move this to the next level.

Is it possible to use Google Home to tell the Harmony hub to tune to a specific TV station? Either by name or number (although name would be preferable).

The native harmony skill for google assistant might be able to do that. Just say hey google tell harmony to change to (channel)

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There are a few ways to accomplish this. Either using the native harmony skill (as @Squidward mentioned), using IFTTT or creating an activity within the Harmony Hub that autotunes to a channel (for instance, create an activity named “Watch [Channel Name]” that turns on the TV and then tunes to a channel. The benefit of the last one is that you can also integrate that as a switch in SmartThings.

I don’t think I have an option for the native Harmony assistant. That might be because I’m in Canada. I will have to check when I get home.

Thanks guys, I knew someone would have an answer

sorry to hijack this, but I have a quotiong… I just found out about the native GH and harmony integration (I know I am late to the party), I have some IFTTT rules set up previously, should I delete those? They were mostly basic like run activities such watch TV as an example…