Logitech Circle 2


Is the Logitech Circle two camera supported in ST?

Doubt it.

When looking to integrate a device with ST it usually makes sense to check the following:

-Official “works with ST” list
-Open API published by device maker so that a community developer could write a device handler
-IFTTT channel for the device

Sometimes other options exist, but they can get pretty involved, eg sniffing packets on your LAN, server running on RPi, etc.

ok, shame as the camera look nice and are a good price.

@pstuart published a couple device handlers for generic IP cameras a while back, but that likely doesn’t apply to a cloud-connected camera like the logi circle.

Edit: there are some other device handlers for a few brands of IP cameras, and actiontiles can usually show a stream from an IP camera that works with MJPEG. But again, cloud cameras are tougher to integrate unless there’s an official integration or an open API for the device’s cloud service

Thanks mate. I think i am just going to have to settle on the Nest outdoor cam. I am getting Nest heating installed next week might try and keep it under the same roof. + there is the nest manager here on ST so prob just easier.

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Now it’s on IFTTT