Hugoai camera

I saw a video on YouTube regarding the Hugoai Camera. Has anyone use this camera and how does it integrated into the hub

There may not be a way to integrate it.

Does it have an IFTTT channel?

How do you want to integrate the camera? As a motion sensor? The camera integration with ST is almost nonexistent so I’m not sure what you’re hoping to accomplish with it.

@marktheknife thank you for replying. I did not see a channel on IFTTT.

@Ryan780 thank you for replying. I was trying to determine If I can review the camera through the SmartThings which will allow me to set up different routines with the camera.

I’m sorry, I still don’t understand. “Set up routines with the camera”??? As what? A motion sensor? Begin recording? Take a picture?

Review the camera? As in the stored recordings? Or the live image? You don’t seem to actually want an answer to your question, you seem to be marketing this camera.

@Ryan780 I am not marketing this camera. It will not benefit me at all to market this camera. I am just trying to determine if this camera will work with ST before I purchase it. Just like other cameras. As we all know the camera by itself will not be a stand alone routine however it can be part of a routine. Thank You for the information you have provide it has help.

It’s statements like these that are confusing us.

You haven’t really been able to explain clearly what your definition of “work with ST” is.

As Ryan mentioned, that could mean a lot of different things.

This camera advertises face detection and motion alerts. So do you intend for the camera’s alerts to trigger an automation in ST?

Do you intend for ST to arm and disarm the camera’s motion detection based on other triggers?

Do you want to see the video feed from the camera in the ST app?

Those would just be a few examples. If you can’t clearly communicate your goals, it is difficult to give specific advice.

However in your case, the answer is most likely, “this camera can’t be integrated with ST in any way.”

ST support for cameras is quite limited. This camera is not on the official list of devices that “work with ST.”

And you said it doesn’t have an IFTTT channel, that would have been your best bet to get some kind of integration going, most likely.

So unless you, or some other developer, can make use of an API that the maker of this cloud-connected camera publishes (if that even exists), then it won’t be integrated with ST.