Logging Data to Google Sheets

Hi, hope everyone is well?

I am looking for some help please? I am trying to log data for power, temperatures and battery levels etc out of ST into google sheets and then use google data studio to create a dashboard.

I am stumbling in a couple of areas, mainly getting data out of ST. I have tried both Simple Event Logger and Google Logger.

Google Logger just doesnt work… tried several times and google sheet works but live loggin in ide shows the google logger smartapp is not sending any data. Simple event Logger works well but I have found that for temperature etc the order in which it reports this data is very random and often I have several entries for one sensor and nothing for others.

So my question is does anyone have any working solutions that will extract the data is a consistent format ? I think there maybe webcore solutions which I’m willing to try but I don’t understand webcore at all … hence why I’ve avoided that so far.

With some scripting in google sheets I have got the power and energy outputs working from my Aeotec power clamp but its temperatures that trip me up due to the inconsistent data.

Any help or sensible suggestions are appreciated . Thank you Andy

I have an IFTTT applet that gets my weight & body fat from my scale, and logs data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. I’m wondering if I can deconstruct it to see how it does it. I’ll try in next day or so.

Thank you

I did look at IFTTT as I have a few applets for other things … but there was nothing in there re temperature…

I have come up with some google sheet script to move data etc but it’s the inconsistent data meaning each line is different that throws me …

Thanks but that’s the post I followed and it simply didn’t work …
google sheets worked fine , tested with correct results but the smart app never sent anything and the logs showed no activity … hence why I used simple event viewer …

Be nice to get this working if data is in a more consistent order ?