Using IFTTT to automatically log sensor data to Google Drive

I was wondering if anyone has had any success getting sensor activity data to automatically log to a spreadsheet on Google Drive using IFTTT? I set up an IFTTT recipe that for a SmartSende Multi Sensor that is supposed to do this:

If attic multi detects temperatures above 10, then add row to spreadsheet in’s Google Drive.

It triggered once and has never triggered again.

What is odd is that I did a similar recipe for door open activities on a different SmartSense Multi, and that appears to work fine. Maybe it’s some oddity with how temperature is polled?

Anyone have any thoughts how to get this to work, or perhaps some other ways to create a temperature log over time from a sensor (it doesn’t have to be with IFTTT or Google Drive)?

Can you change the “that” and have it send you a notification or something else?

My idea is that you could at least rule out an issue with the Drive channel, or at least find out for sure if polling the ST object itself is what’s causing the recipe to break.

I found the subscribing to events from sensors to be unreliable at best. I set up a system to query the device status from the hub every xx minutes and log it to Xively.

Take a look

Did anybody get this working? I would love to get my MultiSensor to record it’s data onto a GoogleSheet in my Google Drive. So Far I created 25 “If temp is above XX, record on Google Drive” recipes, but it doesn’t reliably record.

Can anybody help me?