Lock Code for Arming System?

You can use the lock or unlock state to trigger a routine in CoRE. The issue for us is we don’t want the system to always be armed whenever the front door is locked. E.g., get home, unlock front door with code (thus disarming system), manually lock door behind you (thus arming system again), go let dog out back door (false alarm!).

Basically, we want to be able to lock the door manually from inside the home without arming the system. But when we lock from the keypad on our way out of the house, trigger the system to arm it.

So we would like to use the entry of a specific code to arm the system. We set up two codes using User Lock Manager: our code with a preceeding zero or one. Zero+code is set to trigger disarm routine, 1+code is set to run the arm routine. (Using 0 and 1 at the end of the code didn’t work because the lock doesn’t like consecutively-numbered codes.)

The unlock/disarm sequence works fine.

But lock/arm sequence does not. While the door locks, the code doesn’t trigger the routine. It doesn’t appear that our lock reports a specific user has locked the door. Likely because you don’t need to enter a code to lock at all–you can just hit the lock key. Is there a way to force the lock to report it has been locked by a specific code? Or for the code app to go ask?

Your going to need to give people more info. What lock? What are you using to monitor / control it in smartthings? Ect…

Kwikset 916 Z-Wave. I am using the User Lock Manager SmartApp. It allows me to assign user codes and have those codes run an automation when they are entered. That’s it.

Before this, I used an IFTTT integration that triggered arm/disarm based on a change in state between lock/unlock. Then a couple of days ago, CoRE pistons to do the same thing.

Okay, Is it compatible with @RBoy custom DTH and smart apps?

It might be able to help you do everything your looking for?

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Also for the situation when your home and you lock the door behind you. Could you make another MODE in smartthings like “Home Evening” Then when you lock the door be in that mode which is a unarmed alarm mode. Then when you leave and lock from the outside return to your Away mode where everything is armed?

I don’t have this setup but I do remember reading of different people that do have setups something like this.

As @TN_Oldman pointed out our apps can do this. The stock handler cannot differentiate between manual, RF and keypad and keypad with code locks but our DH can do it and the corresponding SmartApp will use that information to do what you want to do.

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Yup. This worked. Thanks!


so to confirm i’ve got kwikset 910 locks and currently when i hit the lock button outside upon leaving it won’t arm the house and go through the goodbye routine I’ve got to buy the 25$ yearly membership and then your saying your device handler will alllow that to do what i want within lock manager or am I missing something?