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Good day everyone. I do appologise if this has been asked and a solution provided but nothing I found seemed to be in a similar situation to me and Im hoping someone can help or steer me in the right diection at least.

I am based in NZ and recently I have received a ST hub v3 from a friend who knows I like a bit of home automation. Great I thought I can do a few things extra (but I do know that the z wave frequenscy is not in the NZ range but wanting to use zigbee either way)

I currently have the following:

Amazon Alexa devices
Harmony Elite with hub
Phillips Hue with bridge v2 - motion sensor, 3 colour and 2 white only bulbs
IP Power 9258 (http://www.aviosys.com/downloads/manuals/power/9258S-T-SP-TP%20manual%20-V5.01.pdf)

on route

Sonoff switch
Xaoimi contact sensor

I have seen that the harmony remote can integrate but I have not tried this yet. I received the hub and wanted to link my Hue bulbs asap for the getting home and leaving home feature set that seems to work well in ST and not so much in Hue any loger. Then starts the problem. None of my devices are found. I tried to follow the ST way of adding Hue via the app but I simply have no Light Bulb icon when selecting manual. Making contact with samsung support they said it is because I am outside of the key areas where ST is supported.

I can understand when it comes to certian items but surely Hue and ST on the same LAN would talk over a universal TCP protocol and I struglle to make sense of why this does not work. I know looking at ADD THINGS\DEVICE section when logging in to the ST interface on my PC I can select HUE in the dropdown list but then it needs some other info that I am not too sure about.

Is this the way I could get my Hue to work with my ST hub? Is there perhaps another way eg unlinking lights from my Hue Bridge and one by one connecting to ST via IDE? Failing this I thought I would make my Harmony and ST work together… hopefully… seeing as activities can be launched from ST to Harmony however i dont even kno if my Harmony will connect if Hue doesnt. (again to me simply TCP passing over the LAN and nothing “special”)

*** Bonus question :slight_smile: also wondering if there is an easy page I could have a look at to get my IP Power board to work with ST. Passing http strings to the IP of the device to switch socket 1-4 on\off

Thank you in advance for any help and sorry for the long question(s) Hoping to get my ST working and eagerly awaiting replies to tell me how easy this is to do :smiley:

use the Classic app. I would also highly suggest looking into the new SmartThings kit being sold in Australia. It has the proper z-wave radio for your region.

Thank you very much for the input. I was not aware of the classic app still being usable but I will go and have a look. Does it matter that I did the initial setup with the Connect app? Do I have to delete or unlink the Hub from the connect app before heading over to the classic version?

I will aslo keep an eye on the ST Aus version. I have no Zwave products (yet) but geussing that might change at some stage

It’s best to always use the hue bridge. See the FAQ (this is a clickable link)

And if you are using the hue bridge, assuming you can get an account set up, you should at least be able to use the free IFTTT service for some Hue integration.

I don’t think you’ll be able to get the harmony to work directly for the same reason you can’t get the hue bridge to work: you are region locked as long as your location is in New Zealand. But again, you can use IFTTT for some integration:

But if all you want are zigbee devices, have you considered using the echo plus or echo show (second generation) as a home hub instead? Uses the same home automation profile for zigbee that smartthings does, and they are adding more features all the time.

Thank you so much for this input. I have actually just ordered the Echo Plus today and eagerly waiting to see what automation it can do for me. ST just looked more well rounded as an automation tool in terms of scheduling and certain things that should happen based on multiple IFs rather than the simple IFTTT that only allows for a single IF and THEN in the formula. But I will certainlly head over and look at this again so thank you for that reminder as an option.

Been experimenting with TASKER and some of its addons to maybe get the automation bit going better but HUE plugin for Tasker does not work for me :frowning: so im still trying to troubleshoot this as well.

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