Local Processing- Inovelli Dual Outlets; 2 fold issue (not really directed at inovelli but smartthings directed issues)

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Issue 1.) Local Processing… no bueno

Issue 2.) Multichannel device- smartthings approach… no bueno x 2

Is there nothing I can do to get the subject to process locally? I don’t understand why things as simple as an outlet with on/ off functionality do not process locally.

With the last firmware updated that was pushed by smartthings, I noticed that it seems as if this is the direction they may be trying to move towards-- inovelli was not included in the love fest (maybe they will be later- is this wishful thinking??)-- Even if they are, this won’t fix the issue totally, read on–

Also, for those familiar with devices that have multiple on/ off components within a single device (multichannel device). Smartthings default device handler uses the concept of “channels” to control the individual sides of the dual outlet separately. The way this has been created within the smartthings environment (mobile apps) seems inefficient as you have to enter into the parent device and then “dive down” an additional layer within the mobile app in order to turn each of the channels on/ off.

On top of this inefficiency, there is no way to rename the channels (upon last time I looked at this issue). So then you are stuck having to remember what “CH1”, “CH2” mean. And that defeats the purpose of the smart home concept which is meant to make things easier, not more convoluted.-- Imagine a power strip with 5 channels, even worse.

As, these multichannel devices will continue to become more and more prominent in this smarthome world (due to the tech involved continually shrinking in physical size). This will make the multichannel devices more possible than ever. Smartthings, why not fix this issue now before it does become a bigger issue when these devices become more prevalent in the market?

In my opinion, a better fix would be to remove the parent/ child relationship visually in the app. If I add a 5 channel device to smartthings. Add 6 separate line items in the app (1 master control for all and 5 for the 5 seperate plugins), all renameable, as is the norm in smartthings for 99% of devices/ things-- the one exception are these darn multichannel devices. – Or better yet, just give the user a choice as to how they would like to see the multichannel device in the app–

The above concept is utilized in the custom device handler that is floating around on this forum for the inovelli dual outlet.

Perfect solution for “power users” would be to allow the custom device handlers that we all use to process locally and all the issues described here would float away for the “power users”. Of course, they would still be there for your average users- all of the fixes described above would be for the daily consumer type.

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You have to use the official/generic device handlers that are eligible to run locally (there may not be any for this device).

ST has seemingly never prioritized local processing since they introduced it with the v2 hub two years ago. If that’s really changing with more recent updates, I think everyone would be pretty pleased about that.