Local On/Off Switch for Extractor Fan? (UK) (Prefer zigbee if available, but local Zwave is OK)

I want to put an on/off controller on my bathroom extractor so that I can control it with a humidity sensor. I notice a few people have done this with the Fibaro FGS 213. Does the Fibaro switch connect to SmartThings locally or will I need a device handler? How difficult would it be to use something like this https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263942477505 I am more drawn to the Zigbee switch as it’s half the price and voltage isn’t an issue but I ideally want all my smart devices to be connected locally as I find it is more reliable.

Thoughts/suggestions please.

What country are you in? Device selection does vary somewhat.

Also, just for clarity, every device that connects with SmartThings uses a device type handler. (DTH) that’s just a small bit of code that tells smartthings how to format the commands so that the device will understand them.

Custom DTHs all run in the cloud at present. Some, but not all, of the stock device type handlers provided by Samsung can run locally.

If all you need is basic on/off Switch functionality and you don’t need any of the advanced features of the device, you can usually use the stock generic switch DTH that matches that protocol and have it run locally.

As far as zigbee goes, the first question is what zigbee profile is it using.

That particular switch is using zigbee 3.0, which normally is fine with ST, but if it requires “touch link commissioning,” you won’t be able to join a smartthings as the hub does not support that method for adding devices. However, you might be able to add it to a Hue bridge and then get smart things integration that way.

All of the above would be true if it was just a simple on/off switch. There is an additional problem because the particular device you linked to is a three channel device, and SmartThings does not support all of the features of zigbee multi endpoint devices, even if they are using the right profile.

So it might work, it might not, and it might require custom code. The device you linked to is really much more than just a simple on/off binary Switch.

I’m in the U.K.

Sorry, I meant that I am ideally looking for one that doesn’t require a custom device handler and would prefer one that has a device handler on the hub and works locally. Does the Fibaro switch work locally or require a custom devise handler?

Any suggestions for other switches? I only need a simply on/off switch and one that can handle the voltage of an extractor fan. I will use a humidity sensor to trigger a piston in webcore to then turn the switch on/off.

@anon36505037 has done two whole houses now in UK with Fibaro kit and can probably say more. I’m honestly not sure if the local operation list is identical for the US and the UK.

Surprisingly, it appears that humidity is not an option in smart lighting.
(I also am not sure if there are any humidity sensors that run locally.)

Thanks. I am happy with using webcore (I appreciate it is not local), it’s the sensors that I specifically want to be local as I find they are more reliable.

My plan is to use the Aeotech 6 in 1 sensor as the humidity sensor. I haven’t got it yet but it’s in the marketplace section of the SmartThings app so I presume that it’s now supported.

I use the Aeotec switch for our downstairs fan, device handler is a standard z-wave switch, job done. The reason is we have one inline fan servicing two rooms, one utility and one small toilet, motion sensor triggers toilet and a change in power through plug (tumble dryer) triggers the other room.